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Anyone have an extreme cerclage success story?

I was put on strict bed rest at 17 weeks due to IC.  I had a cerclage put in at 12 weeks, but it suddenly shortened at 17 weeks.  I was holding up "pretty decent" 2.0 (week 17 and 18), then 2.3 and 2.4 (week 21).  Now I'm at 22 weeks and it dropped to a 2.0 average (range was 1.6 to 2.2).  Anyways, I was given the option to go on hospital bedrest or continue strict bedrest with further monitoring and medication.  However, any more of a jump would put me in the hospital without an option.  I've done everything they told me...PG shots, strict bedrest, plenty of water (to avoid preterm contractions) and then my cervix decides to still take a turn.  As most of you can imagine, I feel so heartbroken and torn.  22 Weeks is far....but not far enough.  Just looking to hear some stories from those of you at 2.0 and below.  Did it ever go up again?  Home bedrest?  Hospital Bedrest?  When did you deliver?  Sorry....this is long....just need to here from my Bumpies...thanks :-)

Re: Anyone have an extreme cerclage success story?

  • You've come to the right place for support! I was down to 1.3 when they performed a rescue cerclage at week 22, I held at around 2.2 until week 30 when I dropped to 1.8- that is when they discovered the cerclage had become detached BUT the scar tissue was acting as a natural cerclage. I had the steroid shots and it's been almost 5 weeks and I am still pregnant! I was on strict/modified bedrest since week 20- it has been really tough but totally worth it because I am almost 35 weeks, and will probably have a full term baby! You can do it! Be strict and keep up the good work, T&P for you and your LO!
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  • I had my cerclage placed at 12 weeks bu tam only 13 weeks now so I haven't had a measure so I don't have any advice.  I am thinking of you and I hope all goes well. 

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  • Thanks for your support!  Were you put on hospital bedrest during your pregnancy?  Good luck to you...almost there!!
  • I'm sorry you are dealing with this, but your cervix sounds pretty good to me.  They found me to be short (2.5cm) and funnelled to 1cm @ 20w and I was put on modified BR.  I was dynamic, so I got up to 3.75 and closed the next week after being on BR and Crinone.  But the next week, I began to dilate and needed a rescue cerclage, which was placed when I was 2cm dilated.  Since then I've been on strict BR at home (I use the bathroom/shower/eat and go to the Dr. wkly, that's it) and 17P shots (since stopped due to severe allergic reaction) and the cerc is holding, though I only have about a 1/2 cm above and 1 cm below the stitch, which hasn't changed the last three months.

    If your cerc is holding, I'm surprised they are talking hospital bedrest.  The cerc is what will keeping your baby in, not your IC.  If you can manage it, home BR is managable, no fun, but doable.  I can't imagine spending three months in the hospital.  My cerc comes out in 4 wks and we'll deliver then or likely sometime soon thereafter.  You can do it!  Best of luck to you!

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  • I was on Hospital BR for one week at 20 weeks, then for another week at 22, and then once again at 30... The rest of it was at home. Because I wasn't contracting and I was being super strict at home they didn't feel the need to keep me. Hopefully they will give you the choice!!
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  • I didn't have a cerclage, but had a marked drop in CL at week 25.  I went down to about 1.4-2.2 variable.  I then went into PTL and after some mag and a hospital stay, i was allowed to go home, but if it decreased anymore I would have had to have hospital bed rest.

    Once I stayed off my butt, I didn't have anymore changes.  Each few weeks were mile markers.  I ended up delivering at 35/5 and my baby boy avoided the NICU.  

    I will say this.  I was very disappointed in my MFM group.  One doc told me i could go back to work and that bed rest wont do anything.  Don't listen to their studies if they tell you that.  Rest and take it easy and trust YOUR instincts.  I found i got better advice from my regular OB than the MFM (my MFM didn't deliver).  My OB was much more concerned and helpful.

    Good luck!  I really think it can hold out for you.   

  • Thanks for the feedback everyone.  It was helpful to hear your stories.
  • Yes, you can go a long time on bedrest with a cervix of that length.  I was 2.3 when they put the cerclage in (I think about 14 weeks?).  After 2 weeks, it had shortened again so I had to go on bedrest for 4 months and I lasted until 35 weeks and 3 days.  I think it hovered around 2.5-3  most of the time when it was checked.  I got checked via transvag ultrasound every two weeks but otherwise was on home bedrest until my water broke.

    I did nothing except for get food/drinks during the times when my husband was not home (and go to the bathroom).  I took a bath about every other day.  Got out to my dr appt every two weeks and that was it.  It is worth it, obviously, but hard.  A year later I have some perspective about it, and I still think it was one of the most mentally challenging things I have done. Physically, it takes a while to recover from losing muscle, etc., but mentally just take it day by day!  You are doing great so far!

  • My dr realized I was 1.9cm, funneling, and 1 cm dilated at 19 weeks. I couldn't get a rescue cerclage because my membranes were budging into my cervix. I had strict bedrest at home for 14 weeks. For some reason, my cervix went back to a normal length at 32 weeks. I delivered a healthy girl at 38 weeks. Just keep the faith and try to focus on reaching each milestone. Each week counts!
  • Hi ladies,

     Dom22, I'm glad you brought this up, cause I have a similar story.

    At our 18wk Ultrasound, my Dr. found that my cervix was measuring 11mm. At this point we were placed in High Risk OB and seeing our doctors every week. Last week, it shortened to 8mm and I was put on Modified Bed Rest. Of course natural instinct was to read all stories and kept bugging my doctors about a cerclage. After a few emails, he told me that they would only put in a cerclage if my cervix opened up. At this point, I felt I trusted my doctors and to not read up on everyone else's stories, because everyone's body (and therefore stories) are SO different.

    This Wed, we had our weekly check up and found that my cervix had opened up 1cm. So, our hour appointment ended being an overnight stay and the first appointment Thursday morning for a cerclage.

    At the OR we had a quick scare, because right after they numbed me, I laid down and they suddenly noticed discharge. My Dr. asked if I had had any abnormal discharge prior to 8am, and I told him not anything out of the ordinary. He alerted me and said they have to double check and make sure that my water didn't break. Naturally, I started crying and just hoping that it hadn't. After 15 minutes and 2 under the scope checks and an ultrasound, they found my water had not broken and it could've been mucus. So, they proceeded with the cerclage. It was a success and checked again afterwards with an ultrasound right after the cerclage and once more before my discharge.

    Today, I am on a strict bed rest until further check up which is next Wed. In the meantime, my husband and I will lay low and only hope for the best. I will stream some good energy to you, too.

    Oh, quick uplifting admistrator came into my room shortly after I was admitted in, her name is Dawn. She came in not only to get a signature from me, but quickly told me about her similar story. Had an emergency cerclage put in at 5months and was in the same "boat" as I was that day. Her son is now 5 yrs old, healthy and happy. She came in the next day after my cerclage and wanted to make sure everything went well and to give us happy hopes for the next 4 months. Her doctors took out her cerclage at 35wks and she gave birth at 36wks.

     Happy thoughts and good energy your way...Gemma

    After 2MC to our Angels (1st @ 8.5wks, 2nd @ 5wks) we are anticipating on the arrival of our 1st Baby Girl, March 31st! (if not sooner, but not too soon w/ IC on Bedrest)
  • cerclage placed at 13 weeks, I had bi-monthly monitoring of my cervix. By 23 weeks, it had went down to less than 2.0. I was admitted to the hospital and in one week, it was completely gone. I was on strict bedrest, no bathroom or anything. I lasted until 31 weeks and my boys are doing great.
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  • WOW!!!  Very unique stories everyone.  Thanks for sharing.  Please keep us posted on the progress.  I will do the same.  Keep cooking !!!
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