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Doulas in Lynchburg

Trying to figure out if we want to have a doula or not... hoping for a few recommendations in the Lynchburg area 

Re: Doulas in Lynchburg

  • You can search on


    good luck! 

    Doula, mama and student prego with number 2. Yay!
  • There are Doulas at Anticipation and Beyond in Lynchburg.  Check out their website  I am still new to the Lynchburg area and do not know much about the local services, but I have found them.  I just found out that I am pregnant 4 days ago.... so, any input or advice about services in the Lynchburg area would be GREATLY appreciated!


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  • Congrats!!! I know of Anticipation and Beyond just hoping for someone that has actually used a doula in town. I've been in Lynchburg for 6 years so if you have any questions or need anything just give me a shout... I'll try to help!
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