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Am I crazy? (Sleep related)

I've posted on here several times about our sleep issues and trying to night wean. Well, at 19 months, I'm still nursing at least 2 times a night, at least the second one lasts a few hours (because by then I'm too exhausted to stay awake). We moved a week or so ago and haven't had the energy to struggle too much with sleep issues yet.

My son really likes control. I think all toddlers do, but it seems to be pretty important to him in a lot of ways. He has started to lay down on the floor of his room at night with covers and wants his dad to lay down with him.

I started wondering if the answer to our issues (or at least a step in the right direction) might be converting his crib to a toddler bed. He isn't tall enough to climb out by a long shot, so I figured we were 6 months away from the conversion....but do you think it will help?

 Have any of you had progress in the sleep realm after moving your LO to a toddler bed?

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Re: Am I crazy? (Sleep related)

  • My DD was sleeping fine when we moved her to a twin (with rails) but I wanted to suggest that you put his crib mattress on the floor if you're worried about him not being able to climb in and out of the crib independently.  
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