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I am trying to decide between Green Hills Pediatric Association and Heritage Pediatrics.  Do any of you ladies go to either of these groups and if so which Dr. would you recommend???    

TYIA, Meghan 

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  • I have a friend who is using Heritage Pediatrics and seems pleased with them--she said her doctor is a bit opinionated on some topics--like when she was getting discouraged with breastfeeding and considered switching to formula, her doctor seemed adamant about her not switching to formula.  My friend is pro-breastfeeding, but she's also pro-do whatever I can to make sure my baby is getting what she needs!  She said that she almost considered switching to another office because she didn't want to 'face' that doctor again had she decided to switch to formula. My friend's daughter is 4 weeks old so they don't have very much experience with them yet.  She is spitting up from breastfeeding now, several times a day, and they have an appointment scheduled this friday...

    I don't know what part of town you are in, but I use Old Harding Pediatrics in Bellevue/Belle Meade and LOVE them.  They have always been nothing but accomodating and understanding.  My son is 4 and a 1/2 and LOVES going to see his doctor--Dr. Smeltzer!  They are open on the weekends and take calls at all hours of the night, and they have never once made me feel like I was over-exaggerating, being an 'overprotective mom', or inconveniencing them.  I once called them on a saturday morning when my son was 10 days old, because he was throwing up.  They told me to bring him in and they had him back in a room as soon as we got there.  They can be busy at times--I think they're the biggest pediatric office on the west side of nashville, but they're very efficient!  They have a pharmacy built in to their office and can fill most prescriptions within 10 minutes or so after the appointment is over--no need to go to Walgreens!  I could go on and on (as I'm sure I sound like a commercial), but I seriously love them. 

     I don't know anything about Green Hills Pediatrics....hope this helps!

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  • We see Dr. Lindsay Rauth at Heritage Medical Associates in Green Hills.  Her Dad is also at the practice, Dr. Mallard and my boss' kids go to him.  We love this practice!  My daughter saw another pediatrician for the first year of her life before the doctor moved to another state.  We liked the doctor, hated the office.  Now that we have switched, it is like night and day!  Now my son goes there as well (5 months).  A couple of the things that significantly stand out:

    1) Very short wait time

    2) Weekend appointments for sick kids

    3) Always quick to call me back day or night

    4) Dr. Rauth has a very sweet bedside manner

    5) They listen to me and take my wishes into account, which can be particularly helpful when you know your child and that what they are saying is the best way to treat might not be the best way for your kid.  This happened with us when they thought my daughter had asthma and I felt pretty strongly that she didn't.  That was over a year ago and we now think it was allergies as she has not had to take any of the meds they prescribed for her or even remembers what a breathing treatment is...

    Good luck to you.  Finding a good pediatrician is hard but I highly recommend this office. 

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