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i keep hearing how expensive goddard is...if you are sending your LO, how much are you paying? 

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  • Hi, there,

    We live in monmouth county and we pay 1650 a month for two children, PART TIME (8-1 three days a week, 9 to 1 the other two days).  Full time, I think it would be 2000.  That's for a one year old and a four year old in the PreK program.  In the summer, there's additional "summer theme" activity fees-200 for both kids, I think.

    It is definitely expensive, but generally, it wasn't any more expensive than the non-Goddard options in the area we reviewed. 

    PS--if you look at Goddard, don't assume they're all great and equivalent.  We found VERY different experiences at different locations, actually leaving one school to switch to another because the first had employees who clearly could care less about the babies there.  Another Goddard we looked at, we learned there was a child found (by a parent) wandering around the parking lot b/c he let himself out, and the school didn't even know he was missing.  So definitely do your research!

    Don't know where you are in NJ, but if you're in monmouth, I'll be more than happy to share my experiences.

  • thank you! i'm in mercer and i'm finding day care here to be very expensive. i'm wondering if goddard is going to be on par with the non-chain day cares we've seen thus far. the one we went to a few weeks ago wanted $1685 for full time infant care, 5x week. 
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  • Hi! 
    My two daughters used to attend the Goddard School off of Satellite Blvd. in Suwanee. My oldest is 5 years old and my youngest is 2 years old.  Speaking for my experince, yes they are pricey for the experience we got.  The staff at the Satellite location was very unorganized and there was was even rumors of one of the first step teachers flicking another child.  Also I went to pick my four year old up around lunch time in the preschool room and she was having a lunch that was ice cold like it had been sitting a long time.  I was upset because they we paid $3.15 per day for her to get a hot lunch and it was cold.  Me and my husband after a couple more bad experinces there pulled our two daughters out.  I'm not saying you will have the same experience, but my daughters will no longer go to that school.  Good luck to you in finding the right place!
  • @amy888 Not sure where you are in Mercer, but we're in Hamilton. We chose The Learning Experience over Goddard. I liked the teachers and classrooms better, as well as their security. Somehow Goddard didn't have any security cameras. The rate was comparable to Goddard, but the experience was better. DS is now in infant daycare, and I love his teachers. They even send me pictures during the day to help calm my ftm nerves.
  • semdkm If you wouldn't mind sharing your experience with me, I would appreciate it.  I am in Monmouth Co. and just started my son in Goddard.  We visited Tinton Falls and Middletown and, I agree, the rates varied greatly and so did our impression of the two schools.  I'm almost afraid that you're going to tell me something bad about the location that we chose.
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