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They laid off one of L's teachers

and I've been distraught all day long.

I love her entire center and all 3 (now 2) of her teachers.  She is moving up next week and I had been beside myself thinking about leaving her teachers.

They have been amazing but this one she is just an amazing person.

Now she is gone because they couldn't afford to keep her on the staff. 

They have always had 3 teachers in the infant room with 10 kids which is better than the state required ratios so I guess it is just an additional expense.

I'm so very fraking' sad about this :(

Re: They laid off one of L's teachers

  • Gosh -- I'm so sorry to hear about this.  I know it doesn't make it any easier to move her to the next class.  :-/
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  • Sorry to hear this chick.  I can totally relate b/c Brooke has had a few really special teachers and I had a HARD time when she started moving up rooms!  Now I'm an old pro (haha).....But her first teacher in the infant room was just so wonderful, it was hard when it was time to move up. 

    Hopefully the next set of teachers will be great too!   

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  • This teacher just treated L like her own kid.  She was as happy as we were when L did stuff like you know eat her lunch. 

    She was also younger and had a kid around L's age so I think that played into it. 

    IDK, I just think she was awesome.  Mainly because she was a single mom going to dental school at night yet I NEVER EVER saw her not smiling.

    Just so sad.  I'll get over it but gahhhh it sucks.

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