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Any (working) Mommy groups on the NW side?

My DD is due the end of January and her cousins our all out of town...I'd like to get involved in some kind of group sooner than later to ensure that I have some other mommies to talk to and that she has the opportunity to socialize...

I plan to take my full 12 weeks but after that have to return to work and a graduate internship (dreading balancing that)  DH is a firefighter though which means while he is gone for long stretches he is also home alot.  WOndering if there are any mommy groups that meet on the weekends?

Re: Any (working) Mommy groups on the NW side?

  • Hi there, I too am pregnant and living around NW side of Tucson. I am new to the area and i am also trying to find a group of mothers or moms to be like myself to get together with. I haven't had any luck yet but hopefully something will pop up. If you end up finding something please let me know! I would really appreciate it!
  • Im also pregnant and living on the NW side.. ive been trying to find stuff as well.. im due in april
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  • I've just moved to Tucson and am about 6 months pregnant. My husband and I are in the NW area as well.

    Did you like your OB/GYN and where did you deliver? I'm hoping to find a nice female doctor and hospital to deliver...this is our first so I'm a little nervous.

    Any suggestions and/or mommy groups would be great! Looking forward to meeting new people and exploring Tucson.


    Jen :)

  • Congrats to all you mommy's to be! Not pregnant yet..... :0) But I would love to meet other future moms to exercise with and spend some time going through pregnancy together. And also have future playmates for the lil one.  Anyone know of any workout groups? Recommendations on doctors? Anything that I can start doing to prepare for the baby?
  • Hi Jen,

    My husband and I live in the NW area of Tucson as well.  (Continental Ranch) I am due in November.  It is so hard to meet other expecting moms in this area and I have also been looking for a new moms meet up group with no luck.  Hope your pregnancy is going well so far!



  • HI all! 

    Not sure if anyone had any luck finding any groups, if so I would love to gather some information on them as well! If not, is anyone interested in getting together? 

    I just moved to Tucson 1 month ago and am due the first week of July, though the Dr. now thinks she will be coming early. I work full time from home but am going to be taking time off when Baby arrives and it would be wonderful to have a few moms to connect with. 

    Thank you!



  • Michelle,

     My mom lives in Continetal Ranch, I live in Red Rock ( out by Pinal Air Park off I-10)  NW moms for 2012 should try to get together It would be great to talk to you all =)



  • Try  A friend I know just started a group last year for it and it seems to be a lot of fun and easy way to get a group going.
  • We're on the NW side too. I'll be going back to work after my 6 weeks.
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  • Hi Michelle,

     My husband and I are starting a birthing class tomorrow through the NW medical center. Looking forward to meeting new people there too.We also toured the NW hospital and found the rooms and staff to be very nice! :)

    I haven't been online here in awhile since we've been waiting to close on our new house. Crazy times trying to move at 7 mos..blah.

     Anyway, hope your pregnancy is going well. We're having a you know what you're having?


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