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Co-sleeping? Had sex again? I have a sex question...

...DS is not in his own room yet.  He's in a co-sleeper in our bedroom.  I was cleared for all physical and sexual activity by my OB at my 6 week pp appointment on Monday, and DH is anxious to get going (although I know he'll wait as long as it takes for me to be ready).  Besides the whole "first time after the baby" thing, I'm not sure what to do with DS during that time.  I'm thinking maybe roll the co-sleeper out of the bedroom during that time... wait until he's napping and content (the baby, I mean - ha!).  I guess we could also put him in his crib in his room too... just haven't though it all though yet. 
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Re: Co-sleeping? Had sex again? I have a sex question...

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    With Jack, I rolled the bassinet out of the room the first time.  Otherwise we just waited until he was sound asleep.  Honestly, we were hardly having sex at that point, so by the time our sex life got back to normal he was in his own room for a while.
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    We have just had sex like before/after dinner instead of waiting til bedtime.. that way LO is just downstairs in her swing or something like that. DH doesn't think its weird to have her in the room during sex.. but theres no way I would be able to concentrate on it with her making little noises over there lol
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    Our LO has a RNP in our room and we just wait until he's asleep. DH doesn't want his butt facing the baby- but other than that we've had no issues.
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