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am i over-reacting? (baby gas/ dr visit)

since 2 weeks old my LO has had gas issues. She was finally diagnosed with reflux which helped a lot of things, but i feel like there is more to it. She is EBF and has BAD gas issues. she hardly ever poops, and has a hard time passing the gas. I have tried EVERYTHING. gas drops, bicycle legs, compress, etc. nothing works.

Her abdomen has always been kind of big round and hard but the pedi never said anything about it. I thought she was diary sensitive so i cut out dairy and it seemed to help a little, and then my LC said it was fast letdown causing her gassiness so i fixed that problem and added dairy in again and now she is gassy again. She is a restless sleeper and moans and groans a lot, and wakes up crying out with gas/straining a lot. I just feel like it is an excessive amount of gas problems and there has to be something wrong.

So i insisied she have an appt. today at the pedi AGAIN. am i over reacting? everyone keeps saying "it takes time for their systems to regulate" but i just feel like she is pretty uncomfortable... more than a usual baby. what do you think?

 also, i am being treated for thrush, i had 2 weeks of meds and its not gone. The pedi wont treat my LO because she doesnt have white patches in her mouth, but im wondering if maybe she still has it, i read that it can cause gas in babies? My OB refuses to treat me again because "2 weeks of meds should have gotten rid of it." i dont know what to do

im feeling so overwhelmed and upset about all of this. any advice? do you think i should have her seen today or am i being ridiculous?

Re: am i over-reacting? (baby gas/ dr visit)

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    What medication did she give you for the yeast infection? Nystatin is not 100% effective. As for the gas issues, I have no idea if you are overreacting. Everyone always talks about how their digestive systems are so immature but it really seems like something else is wrong when they get that uncomfortable. Honestly, the doctor has gone through all the possibilities. She's just going to blame it on the immature system and just tell you to give it time. I would think by now you would be seeing some improvement since two weeks of age. DS was doing exactly what you described but has slowly gotten better.
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    I was given diflucan and it seemed to help for the first three days or so and now I'm back to the same symptoms. I'm wondering if she has it and just doesn't have the signs? I really thought the diflucan would take care of it. I feel the same way- she's almost seven weeks old and I feel like she should be feeling a bit better and figuring her gas put by now? My ticker is off she will be seven weeks on Friday.
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