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Those who have done BLW

We have been doing BLW'ing with dd since 6 months (she is now 7 months), both out of my desire to but also her absolute resistance to purees. I have read the book, but I am still concerned about how much she gags. She has had many fruits, veggies, cheese, pasta, and I tried scrambled eggs today and she wanted to eat it, gagged and then threw up.

So, when did your little ones actually start eating food as opposed to sucking on it, gagging or playing with it?

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Re: Those who have done BLW

  • Thank you! I have read in several places that eggs were good to give them since they were soft but she totally gagged, and while I know it isn't choking it still scares the crap out of me when she starts gagging :) My dh keeps telling me we either stick with it or we don't, and i want to stick to it!

    We give her uncooked carrots but will try steamed carrots. She seems to really like them.

    I worry we keep giving her the same stuff all the time! 

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  • my LO didn't get it for a while. We just fed her whatever, BLW or purees (although we never bought any "baby food")

    She pretty much played with it for a few months, and started actually eating closer to a year. She is still not a good eater. 

    When she was little she liked, and didn't gag much, on soft pears, peaches, strawberries (loved them! although they can be an allergy risk), toast and tater tots (I know, but they were organic!) She also like applesauce, mashed sweet potato and soy yogurt for "purees" I would put them on a spoon and she would play with it, eat it off the spoon. 

    FWIW I think you can do "BLW" with purees, just don't force feed the kiddo. we would give her the spoon with stuff on it and she would do what she wanted with it. Sometimes she would eat it, sometimes she would play around with it.


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  • I am going to try to give her a spoon and see what happens. I may wait until dinner before bath :)

    Thanks for the advice, I have a horribly picky 3.5 year old and am hoping to get a less picky eater this time around and hope BLW will help! 

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  • My daughter loved steamed broccoli for the first couple of months. She still does (13 months now) along with almost everything else. The only thing she didn't do well with was avocado. I gave it to her in a big French fry shape and then mashed up and she threw up a lot after that so I held off for a while on it.
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  • Anything with a handle (broccoli, sweet potato fries, slices of fruit) were Jo's favorites at that age. I can honestly say though, she rarely gagged. We started with avocado and toast.

    Try making exaggerated chewing faces at her and see if she gets it. Plus, the more you react to her gagging the more worked up she will get. So sit on your hands and try to keep cool. She will be fine.

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  • It took my LO a looooong time to "get it" with BLW. We had periods of time where I would just take a break from solids all together.

    For now, maybe just stick to the foods that she has the least trouble with (gagging-wise) and just give it time.

    In my experience, BLW can be a long and winding road!

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  • We started when LO was 7 months because he was a preemie.  We've been at it for about two weeks.  So far he's had sweet potato fries (baked), steamed carrots, raw apple slices, cooked apple slices with cinnamon (in microwave), dill pickle spears, steamed zucchini and yellow squash half-moons, steamed sugar snap peas, and applesauce on a preloaded spoon.  All of these resulted in minimal gagging, and even some swallowing. 

    Banana (even when tried rolling in crumbs) resulted in too much gagging, so we won't be trying that again for a while.  

    I'm already seeing some eating as opposed to playing.

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  • Thanks all!
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