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Any expectant moms in Greensboro?

I am new to GSO, I dont have any family or close girlfriends here. My DH family is here but it is not the same as my own.
Expecting our first 7/7/2012

Re: Any expectant moms in Greensboro?

  • Hi, I am not an expectant Mom, but am hoping to be soon. :)  I'm not sure if you would be interested, but I've met a lot of Mom's through MOPS at Westover (and there are a lot of other great MOPS programs at other churches around this area).  Are you going to stay at home?  There is also a group called the Mom's Club of Greensboro you could look into. HTH!
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  • I live just outside of Greensboro in the northeast part of Guilford County, but still spend quite a bit of time over in the 'boro since I lived there for so long and know where everything is.  I'm kind of in the same boat with family - all of DH's family lives in Sanford (like an hour away) but all my family is back in the midwest.
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  • Thanks for the info! I will definitely check those out :) 

    At the moment I plan to stay at home, but things may change, ya never know. 

    Good luck to ya!

    Expecting our first 7/7/2012
  • I just moved to GSO in June. My family is back in Hendersonville and most of the people I am close to don't live in the area. So I'm in the same boat.
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