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I am exhausted.

Not sure if this is normal for 9 mos. pregnant, baby planning on coming a few weeks early, or adjusting to daylight savings, but I feel so incredibly tired this evening.  I really haven't done my "normal" routine or anything out of the ordinary, if anything I have been less active today than normal.  I guess I need to listen to my body and try to take it easy the rest of the night- wish it were easier to get/stay comfortable!
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Re: I am exhausted.

  • I felt horrible last night, too. Listen to your body and take it easy! Pretty soon we won't have time to rest!
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  • I hope are able to get some rest.
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  • I was like you while pg but was finally able to rest more than ever once L arrived.

    My experience was the opposite of what people said.  Being  pg was a living hell for me so once L arrived everything was a cake walk.


  • It was right about 36 weeks I was done and over it. I was tired all the time and could not get comfortable. Hope things get better! :)
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