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Ideas for stimulating my 5 weeker...

He is awake a lot more these days and I want to make sure he is getting enough stimulation. Any ideas would be great....usually we are just sitting stating and talking. Or walking around and looking at stuff.
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Re: Ideas for stimulating my 5 weeker...

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    I play music and dance around the house with mine and he loves it, also the tummy time mat is becoming more fun.
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    A baby gym!  My LO loves hers!
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    well my LO hardly ever naps so we do LOTS of activities.

    playmat with dangly toys, swing where she watches her bug mobile that she LOVES, sing songs, read books, i prop her in her boppy while i talk to her with a doggie puppet, mostly i just show her lots of stuff like toys/books. She also LOVES the tv, i guess because of the lights, so i turn on a colorful cartoon and she stares at it for 10 minutes or so.

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    Lately my lo is staying up a bit longer so I put him on his gym mat with Lil toys hanging & it plays music very colorful lay him on his back for a bit then tummy time, also put him on his swing & put some sesame street on tv and he falls asleep. Also take him for a stroll around the neighborhood. Read books to him and so on.

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    We started introducing toys around this time. He was interested sometimes--others not so much. We started using the play mat with dangly toys, he liked to bat at those from time to time. Also I started taking him to the park and he loved to just sit there and watch the kids run around. His changing table is right next to a window so he loves laying there and watching the trees and clouds. Also talking in different pitches/singing became fun because he started to respond with facial expressions and noises like he was trying to talk.
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    We do singing/touching games (Hands, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes/Skin-a-ma-rinky-dinky-doo).

    He loves to look up at things so he adores his playmat/gym and he loves to be in his crib or pack 'n play to stare up at the mobile.

    If I want to get things done while he's awake, he goes in the bouncer, which also has hanging things.  DH likes to use the swing, but I like the bouncer.

     Also, we EBF, but I had signed up with Similac and they sent us some awesome art cards. We play with these every day.  He likes looking at them and we use them for stories and just as a jumping off point.

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