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1 month: Diapers and Clothes Question

DD will be 1 month tomorrow (holy crap, how did that happen so soon!?) and seems to be outgrowing her newborn clothes and diapers. She has had a few blowouts out the back for poopy diapers and leaks out the front. We're currently using Huggies pure and natural. She is a little over 10lbs now.

Any suggestions on a good size 1 diaper?

When did your LO outgrow clothes and diapers?

This was also posted on 0-3 month.

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Re: 1 month: Diapers and Clothes Question

  • After newborn size we started using Targets Up&Up brand. They worked great for us and are cheaper. If we don't go to Target we buy Seventh Generation. I have no idea why but Pampers and Huggies don't work for her. We had tons of leaks when we tried them. 
  • We moved up to Pampers Swaddler size 1 when she was about 8 lbs and 1 month old.  They were huge on her but we ran out of NB, so we just moved up a size instead of risking her growing out of NB if we bought more.

    She will be 2 months tomorrow and she still fits in NB clothing--she grew out of Gerber NB and is in Gerber 0-3, fits perfectly in Carter's NB, and all other NB brands are too big for her.  I think she is a little over 10 lbs now. 

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  • We got a couple months out of each but LO was a month early and 6lbs7oz. He's used pampers swaddlers sensitive this whole time. He's long and lean.
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  • I think it was at 4-6 weeks when she started to out grow most of the newborn stuff. I am a fan of huggies diapers. I wont use anything else.
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  • I used newborn diapers for LO only for the first 2 wks.  Now he is in pampers size 1 diapers and he is about 10lbs now.  I already had a few boxes of pampers size 1 from my shower and definitely recommend them.  They have the leak detection strip which is awesome!

    I only put my LO in newborn clothes for the first week.  They were just too tight to fit over his head after that.  Now he is in 0-3 footie pajamas and 3-6 month for onesies. I like loose fitting onesies.  I also think carter's onesies are tighter so 3-6M fit him well.  GL

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  • At 1 month, Isaac was only 7 lbs.  He wore NB until about 10 weeks, and we had switched him to size 1 diapers around 9 weeks.  He was right at 10 lbs at 2 mnths old.  For clothing, he wore 0-3 until 4 months. Peanut.  He's now in 12 mos and a giant monster at 19lbs!
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  • We used luvs for both kids after they outgrew NB stuff. DD can't use many type of disposables because of skin issues but they were good on her.

    I shouldn't answer this since my kids were/are freaks of nature (DS is 3 months and fits in 6-9 onesies and pants and 12 month sleepers)

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  • We used little snugglers. They worked well. Then, we switched to cloth when she was a little bigger. Now, she uses Up&Up at daycare, and on some rare occasions at home. Cheap diapers, but they work well.

    DD is a peanut, and was maybe 8lbs at 1 month. She fit in NB for a while. She's long and skinny, and we pretty much stick with Carters for clothes. She still fits in all the 6 month stuff (3 month pants). 

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  • A month goes by so fast, doesn't it!?!  Congrats!

    DD grew a lot in that first month or so.  We cloth diaper, so it's a little different, but she grew out of her newborn cloth diapers at 2 months, and grew out of her newborn cloths at about 1 - 1.5 month, mostly because she was really long...

    GL!  She grew out of the 3-6 mo stuff quickly too.  At 5.5 months, she is now wearing 9-12 month clothes...fwiw.

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