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Hi everyone--   I made the below post on the attachment parenting board. I am looking for any advice/feedback/personal experiences with different OBs and hospitals in St. Louis. For my next LO, i am looking for a little more individual and personalized care (as well as aftercare).  Also, did any of you use a doula or post partum doula?  Thanks in advance.


did not have a great experience with my OB/GYN or my aftercare during my delivery.  My OB went on maternity leave without me knowing when i was about 4 months PG.  I was bounced around to all the other dr's in the practice and didn't feel like any of them knew me.  Then when i went in my an appt on my due date (no labor) they scheduled me for an induction 12 days later without talking to me about it OR scheduling a follow up between my due date and the induction (i know it might not be necessary but i had slightly high BP and was very nervous).

I did go into labor on my own and when i got to the hospital by blood pressure was very high but luckily they were able to bring it down without drugs.  The labor and delivery nurses were amazing and the baby nurses took great care of LO.  My problem was my aftercare. They took over an hour to get my epidural out, i couldn't urinate afterwards so they had to give me a catheter and the nurse was rude about it, i was in A LOT of pain and when i would call for meds or ice they would either forget or take forever to bring it.  Due to the pain meds and my very painful vaginal area i did not have a bowel movement before i left the hospital (and no one asked about it).  I ended up needing to go to the ER for a enema (when i called my OB to see what i should do he basically blew me off). I also had no help at home (no family in town and my husband had to go back to working 60 hour weeks the day after the delivery). All in all, it was a terrible experience.

 So, i would eventually like to have another child but this experience has really scared me about doing it again.  It was very upsetting and i don't know what i can do next time (beside maybe advocating for myself better knowing what i know now).   How do you recommend finding a OB that provides better patient care without sacrificing the babies care? Should i try to deliver at a different hospital (this one is amazing for the medical aspect with babies but they are called the "baby factory" due to so many deliveries)?  I think a midwife would be great but i still want to option of an epidural and i want to make sure the baby is monitored appropriately. 

Okay, sorry for the ramble. I am just trying to inform and empower myself so i am not in this situation again.  I appreciate any advice or experiences you have to share.  


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Re: OB and hospital experience

  •  Hmm. Which hospital did you deliver? I delivered a couple weeks ago at St. Johns (i.e. Mercy) and had a fantastic experience. However, I was a c-section, so it's possible that I got such good after-care because of the surgery aspect. I have heard that besides for St. Johns and MoBap (the "baby factories"), I have heard that St. Mary's has really good personalized care, as they are a much smaller hospital... But, I haven't delivered there so I can't speak from experience. 
  • I delivered at St. Luke's and really liked it.  All of the nurses that I had were very friendly and caring.  I felt like they wanted to be there and help me in any way possible.  It was a great experience :)
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  • I think sometimes it just depends on the nurses you get and other things that are happening at the time (not that this is an excuse for poor care). I delivered at MoBap and before my delivery all I heard was how much everyone LOVED delivering there. My experience was OK. If I was pregnant again I'm not sure that I would switch hospitals but I would know what's right and what to ask about. There were a lot of things the first time that I probably should have questioned but I didn't know. If I were you I would get a new Dr for sure though. If you want more details about my MoBap experience or a Dr recommendation I'd be happy to share. I love my Dr.
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  • I delivered at St. Mary's and we had a great experience (and the food was good) DS ended up in the NICU the day before we left and stayed for 10 days. He had staff and they caught it before he showed any signs. Everyone was so helpful and we had a great team. I was induced and in labor for a long time with some complications. We had quite a few Dr's in and out and they were all great. Also the Lactation team was fantastic. 
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