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How useful are shorty wraps?

I'm eyeing up a shorty wrap in a colourway I love, but I've never tried that length so not sure if it's especially useful.

I love my size 4 and 6s. This is a size 2.

My LO is 21 months, and we have a new baby due in January.

Any thoughts or info?


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Re: How useful are shorty wraps?

  • Hmm.  I think I have a size 2 that I got on sale.  I only use it as a rebozo.  In fact, I don't think I've ever untied the slip knot.  I'm pretty sure that I cannot do anything else with it--not even a ruck tied under bum.  I probably wouldn't have bought it if it weren't ton sale.  

    I have one wrap that I bought with someone and we chopped it.  I need to measure it, but I think it's between a 2 and a 3.  I love it!  There's a 2-layer back carry that I can do with it, as well as a ruck tied under bum.  I don't know the name of the back carry, though.  Also, I'm plus-sized.  A petite mom might be able to do more with it.

    With shorties, I think the wrap's thickness, and amount of support matter since you won't have multiple layers to serve as a cushion on your shoulders.

    I'm interested to hear what you decide.

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  • I love short wraps.  I can't get comfortable with ring slings, but a short wrap tied as a rebozo has been great for me.  I mostly used mine when my LO was younger though.  I agree with the PP poster who said that support is going to be important if you want to carry your toddler in a one shoulder carry.  Unfortunately, the thicker/more supportive the wrap is the more difficult the slip knot seems to be to work.

    If you're thinking about your new babe, I think pretty much any thickness would be fine.  I had a super thin Bara Barn when my LO was a wee thing, and it was wonderful - especially for the summer.

     Other than a rebozo, I also occasionally use  them for the back carry in my siggy.  I think it's called a reinforced rebozo ruck or RRR, but I'm not sure.

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  • I like my long 2s, but a regular 2 is pretty limiting.  We do RRRR, RUB, and the occasional rebozo.  You can also use it as a no-sew ring sling if you have a pair of slingrings - I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are, the tail ends up acting as padding on your shoulder. 

    I agree with PP's, if it's for your newbie any wrap would be fine but I neeeed medium or thick wraps for DD at this point with any shorty carry. 

  • I have a long 2, short 3 that I am getting rid of. I just bought a size 3 to replace it. I used it all the time, but didn't much like feel, although many people love it for toddlers. (it's a bbslen)

    It seems I am into really thick wraps, so I got a 55 to replace it. 

    That being said, I used it all the time until I got my size 4. With the short 3 I could do a ruck and my favorite hip carry (don't know the name), which is great for ups and downs with LO now that she is walking. Now I use my 4 for those, but it's long. I'm excited to start using my 3 - I just got it today! 

    I was looking at a size two, but I think it would be limiting for me because I like to tie my ruck in the front....


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  • I have GWF thick (green wool fish) & a natty hemp in sz 2 that I love. I use rebozo instead of the ring sling if I'm putting Ari down for a nap. It's easier to untie the the slip knot & lay him down then back out of a ring sling. I love them for rebozo back carries too. 

    I had a sz 3 that was too long for rebozo (I'm short, so the long tails were too much. I loved it for double rebozo though, it's one of my favorite back carries. I sold it as the wrap wasn't supportive enough once Ari got past 25 lbs, but I'll buy another 3 soon. 

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