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5 minute feedings? And does your EBF do this...

My LO has recently started nursing for barely five minutes on one side, and then she pulls off and relatches multiple times and plays with my nipple... Like licking it rubbing her face on it and kind of "talking" to it. I switch sides and she does the same thing- nurse five minutes then play. She is doing this every hour, exept at night she does the normal three to four hours and nurses one side then sleeps. Is this normal behavior? Should I be worried she is not nursing enough? Her diaper output is still the same but does anyone else's LO only nurse five minutes? Does your LO "play" and why is she doing this. Thanks!

Re: 5 minute feedings? And does your EBF do this...

  • Dunno if it's normal or not, but my little guy only drinks from one breast and kills it in about 5 minutes, sometimes less.  I can also pump about 3-4 ounces from that breast in the same amount of time.  He's a pretty happy dude, eats every 2-4 hours, consistently has the right amount of diapers and gains weight so...  It is what it is!  But yeah, at first I'd read here about it taking 20 minutes to an hour to feed and stressed out until I realized it's just different for everyone.
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  • DD does about 7-10 min on each side. They get much more efficient at the breast as they get older.
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  • My kiddo could do a whole feed in 5-10 min!  If you are EBF you can just go by the other signs (diaper output, happiness, weight gain, etc) and if they are good all is well. 
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  • I could have wrote this post. DD does the exact same thing in the mornings and evenings.
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  • Mine often does the same thing. I joke that he "motor boats" me! He's happy as long as my boob is in his mouth. He doesn't necessarily need to be eating. He will sometimes give a little smile just holding it in his mouth!

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  • Yes, yes and yes!  DD does exactly the same thing... I think it is funny when DH looks over and she is playing with my nipple (she is very noisy!) and he is looking at me like "What the heck is she doing?".  It only bothers me when she is really fussy and doing it because I feel like something is wrong.  If I offer her the other boob and she does the same thing then I know she isn't hungry anymore and sit her up to burp her, play with her, or just do something else!
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