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Stupid diaper question

Can someone remind me how many diapers they go through a day, and how long they stayed in size N, size 1, size 2?  I remember DD was in size 2 and 4 the longest, but I can't remember how long.

DD#2 is coming in 10 days, but I've been buying diapers the past 3 months when I see a good sale & have coupons.  I don't want to overbuy any one size, and it's been 2 years since DD was in diapers & I can't remember at all :-(

Sorry if this annoying question has been asked frequently....I tried to search, but couldn't find any posts.

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Re: Stupid diaper question

  • Mine was in newborn for about 3 weeks. She is still in size 1 and will be 3 months on august 12th. She's almost 13 pounds but she's long and skinny. We go through about 8 diapers a day.
  • My LO is five weeks and we just started her in size 1. She is ten pounds now. She goes through about ten diapers per day I think but in the first couple weeks it was more. We used three boxes of 84 count newborn diapers if that helps.
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  • DS was almost 9 lbs at birth and he was in NB diapers for about 3 weeks - I would have moved up earlier, but I wanted to finish the box.

    He's now almost 12 lbs, 2 months old, and I think size 1 is getting small. He's long and skinny, if that makes a difference.

     We go through around 8 diapers a day, I think.

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  • We are 2 1/2 months and just started size 2 today. He goes through about 8-10 diapers a day depending on how well he sleeps at night.. We were in size 1's a little over a month and the same for newborn.. I have heard from some friends that their kids were in size 3 the longest..

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  • LBB was 7lbs 6 oz at birth and will be a month old on Wednesday.  He's still in nb diapers and we go through 7-10 a day.
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  • DS was 8lbs 7oz when he was born. He wore newborn diapers for only 2 weeks. He's been in size 1's since then, but he's approaching 14lbs and almost out of them at 8 weeks. So for us:

    Birth-2 Weeks: Newborn

    2 Weeks-8 Weeks: Size 1

    8 Weeks- ???: Size 2

    We go through 8-10 diapers a day, I'd guess.

    I'd imagine that this is different for every baby. We've stayed consistant with the weight chart on the packages of diapers. I imagine he'll be in size 2's for a while, but no idea really.


  • Our baby was 6lb 8oz at birth; she wore newborns for about 6 1/2 weeks. I'd say we went through 10-15 diapers a day, slightly less now that we can tell when she's not really "done" lol

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