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Did you say that your son could carry on conversations with nothing but echolalia?  I've noticed that a lot with Jon lately.  He's be having a conversation but all answers will be from tv or something I've said in the past.  We were at the in-laws this weekend to have heat since we had lost power.  When George and I drove home to check on the house and MIL had the kids for about an hour, she said she noticed the same thing.  He was answering her in all lines from Clash of the Titans which they had all watched earlier in the day.

 Not that it matters with the new DSM codes changing but does PDD_NOS always stay PDD_NOS?  I mean, could it change to Asperger's at this age?  My first teaching job I remember a kid in 1st grade with a dx of PDD_NOS and the district telling them they wouldn't recognize that dx past 1st grade and they would have to go to the doctor to have it changed to either Asperger's or classical autism.   

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