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Do any of you all part-time CD? DS goes to the sitters 5 days a week, full time and I was wondering if it was worth it to CD at home since he uses disposables at the sitters. I'm guessing that DS would only use 17-20 CDs at home in an average week. Any ideas? Also, he is now into the size 4 diapers, so I figured whatever CDs I bought he'd stay in them longer. Plus I don't want to wash just 2 or 3 every few days. TIA!!

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Re: Part-Time Cloth

  • Even changing to CDs just at home in the evenings and weekends will be worth it.  I would recommend one size diapers because they will fit up to about 35 lbs.  I like the bumGenius 4.0s and fuzzibunz, which are pockets.  You would need to wash every 2 or 3 days otherwise the CDs get pretty gross.
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  • Thanks for the response!! I have a friend and cousin the CD their babies full time, so I think I'll ask them about recommendations. I'll take a look at the brands you just mentioned. They all sound familiar :) I definitally don't want a week's worth of dirty diapes in the house. LOL.  :--X I'm sure I'd wash every 2-3 days
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  • Can you ask your DCP to CD?

    Part time is still a viable option. We did it for the short time DD was in daycare

  • Definitely try it out for nights and weekends. We use one size pockets as PP mentioned and we love the flexibility of them. Our care providers (family) don't even mind them because they're so much like sposies. I'm also a recommender of BumGenius and FuzziBunz. They're very daddy friendly.
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  • I will ask the sitters about using CDs. I think I'll give it a run before I ask them to join in They are really nice folks, so maybe they would. They're not family, which I'm sure makes a difference. Love the "daddy friendly" comment. Always helps :)
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  • My sitters use CDs w/no problems.  And those are PFs and covers.  For the Friday sitter (bit older) I have a stash of about 12 BumGenius AIOs and Thirsties pockets (already stuffed) all ready for her to go and she loves them.  They are just like sposies :)
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