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DH Spilling the beans!

We are only 7 weeks and 1 day and my DH has told like 20 people we are expecting! lol  DH and I decided before that we would not tell amy one untill at least christmas (15w), not even family! But at 4w he told one of our co-workers we really are even close with! Then he told his Dad. And that pissed me off! we wernt even 5w yet and have had 2 losses! So naturaly I tell my mom, because she was a huge support the last few times and I was always glad she knew.

Then Im talking to my best friend and she tells me shes getting married! I ask when, she says mid June and she lives in Hawaii and asked me to be in the wedding. So naturally I had to tell her Im not risking having my baby in Hawaii, so she got all excited and told me she could wait till July. lol

Then that day he tells like 3 other people at work!

Then the day after we see babys heartbeat I come home and DH tells me that he just got orders to be gone for 2weeks leaving on June 17th! Im like ahhhhhhhhh DH....... That is our DUE Date! So then he has to tell his boss!

Then just last night he tells two more co-workers!

So now at like 7w it seams like the whole world knows!

Im happy he is excited, but Im still scared. We lost baby #1 at 6w3d, but didnt find out till 8w. Im really afraid that will happen again! and now if it does I have to tell everyone all over again! I know we saw the HB and we never had before, but I just have not reassurance everything is ok.

Please tell me someone else has had this happen to them!

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Re: DH Spilling the beans!

  • DH was quick to spill the beans with our first pregnancy.  This time around, he was a bit more cautious, but still told his family before I even was ready.

    Take it day by day.  They'll be there to support you with this pregnancy.

    Grow baby, grow!

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  • My H was so excited that he ended up telling more people then I wanted earlier then I wanted to.  I guess it's good he's so excited, he can't help himself.  If it does bother you I would tell him to keep quiet for the time being.
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  • My husband did the same thing!  I found out at 5 weeks and that exact day he spilled the beans to his boss. No clue why either.  We've only told our parents & siblings and two best friends other than that.  But he gets that urge to tell people and I remind him, "remember? we lost the baby last time at almost 9 weeks....don't count on anything."
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  • My husband told everyone at his work when I was 6w he was so excited Indifferent ......big mouth! lol
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