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Membrane stripping questions

Okay ladies- who has had this done? If I don't give birth before Wednesday my OB is going to strip my membranes, hopefully jump starting this process. They are talking about inducing me this coming weekend and I'm doing anything and everything I can to avoid a medical induction. Anyone know how effective it is? I know it can be painful but is there anything else I need to know to prepare myself?
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Re: Membrane stripping questions

  • I didn't find it to be terribly painful, just a little uncomfortable.  My doctor recommended taking 2 Tylenol before the appointment, not sure if that helped any.  It, unfortunately, didn't do very much for me with either pregnancy but I don't seem to like to go into labor on my own :)  Good luck!!
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  • I had it done twice with DD.  The first time it didn't do anything. The second time I started having contractions right after. Good luck! 

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  • I had it done 2x with DS, both very uncomfortable, slightly painful for me, and neither worked.  It just caused some bleeding, but no progress.
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