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Progesterone - once or twice a day?

I'm on 200 mg once a day (bedtime), but it seems like a lot of people are on it twice a day. Is anyone else on it just once a day?
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Re: Progesterone - once or twice a day?

  • I was on it once a day, exact same dosage as you.

    I got switched over to shots for convenience sake, but I think there are quite a few people on here who are on it once a day.

    Are you taking Prometrium?  That is what I was on. 


  • I do 100 twice a day.

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  • imageLaurakat81:
    I do 100 twice a day.
    Me too.
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  • I took 400mg once a day for most of the time, then for a week or two I was on 400mg twice a day (pretty much my Dr's nurse freaked over nothing and upped my dose so it prolonged when I weaned off of it.  lol)
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  • Endometrin 100 mg twice daily

    My level today was measured at 3!!  What was everyone else's levels? 

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  • I am on 200mg once per day.  I started before my BFP and Dr. said he will keep me on them through 12 weeks.
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  • I was on 200 mg three times times.  
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