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NTTGP Related- Kim Kardashian

Just heard on the news she filed for divorce today after 72 days of marriage! WTF!?!?!? What is wrong with these people......and me for caring!?!?

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Re: NTTGP Related- Kim Kardashian

  • Ha! We all knew that was going to happen!


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  • I think she was more concerned about the perfect wedding than a great marriage... A $10 million wedding is a bit much but I can't imagine it will be as expensive as the divorce!
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  • No surprise!  He seemed so immature on Keeping up with the Kardashians.  I couldn't have spent 72 days married to him!

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  • He did seem like an ass.  He seemed rude and full of himself..even worse then Kim. I prob would of gotten a divorce too!
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  • Oh, but, "sanctity of marriage!"
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  • She is a classless bimbo that did it for the money.  She made close to $20 mil on that sham of a wedding.  She will also make a pretty penny on selling the divorce story.  IMO, she encompasses so much of what is wrong with this country.  Let's not forget how she became famous in the first place.
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  • That is kind of crazy. I guess she just wanted the attention maybe. The thought of spending that much on a wedding. Oh well don't feel bad none of us care,but I think it is like a bad accident you don't want to look, but you can not help yourself. Lol

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  • imageMissMusic:
    Scroll down--theres already a thread about this ;)

    Yep, waaaay ahead of you. I keep track of celeb gossip like it's my job. Stick out tongue

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  • imageVonbabe:
    Ha! We all knew that was going to happen!
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  • They are all kinda trashy if you ask me. They got married the same day as me and dh, we were laughing about that.

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