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questions re: finding a pediatrician

Just a quick question. Now that we are officially past the first 12 weeks I'm trying to actually start lining up some of the stuff for the baby. Found a daycare and now working on a pediatrician. I had one recommended by someone that I trust so when I called to see how the referral process goes. The receptionist told me that all I have to do is tell the hospital that I want that doctor as my pediatrician. I don't have to do any other calls or new patient paperwork until the actual appointment after the baby is born. Seems a bit too easy. I guess we can't really schedule anything at the moment and there won't be a big long history for a newborn. Any thoughts?

Re: questions re: finding a pediatrician

  • You are much more on top of things than I was/still am, LOL!  We just now started talking about childcare.  But as for pediatricians... the clinic where my OB and all the pediatricians are had a meet and greet where I got to meet several of the pedis in the practice (not all of them but a few).  We finally chose one around 20 weeks.  I say we, but really it was me telling DH that this is our pediatrician, LOL!  I think what they told you is how most if not all pediatricians do things.  They can't really do anythign until the baby is born and I don't know a single pediatrician that will turn down a newborn (unless they don't take your insurance).  But it sounds normal to me.
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  • Ok thanks! Just wanted to make sure! :)
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  • Sounds normal to me.   Though if you want to actually meet the pediatrician before you give birth, which I highly recommend, then you can call and set up a meeting with the pediatrician to meet them and ask any questions you may have about the practice, their beliefs vs your beliefs on different medical issues, and etc.
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  • Wow, you're really ahead!  I just picked a pediatrician a couple weeks ago, and still have not chosen a daycare (the two I like have plenty of openings, so no pressure to make a decision yet.)

    I got a recommendation from my OB and went and met the pediatrician in person.  We liked her, so that is that.  She told us the same thing you were told- just tell the hospital when you deliver which doc you plan to use, and then all the paperwork can be done later.

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  • For DS there was a form to fill out that I gave to my OB at the beginning of the 3rd tri with our pedi selection, which was given to the hospital, although I'm not sure why it made a difference to them.  I was unaware that we were supposed to call the pedi pretty much the day the baby was born to set up the 1st appt until a nurse told me like 3 days later at the hospital.  Most offices like to see a baby during it's first week, especially if it's BF'ing and since we left the hospital at day 4, it was only a couple days later that he had his first pedi appt.  I had also interviewed the pedi in ny 2nd tri to be sure he was my final selection.  I actually interviewed 2 before making my choice.
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  • That is all we have to do as well.  Just let them know who we choose.  Make certain that you call the pediatrician about a week ahead of time to make sure they are still accepting new patients and to let them know that LO will be here soon so they can be on call if you need anything and if it is a boy and you are opting for circumcision.
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