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chemical pregnancies... i have questions

Hi Ladies,

I suffered and early m/c in the beginning of August, and today I had what I think would be a chemical pregnancy. I tested three times last week with all positives and AF showed up today. I only told DH and my mom about this. Of course my mother said some comment like," well you must just not have been pregnant."

I called the my drs office today bc I wanted them to at least put this in my chart, so they are aware. The lady I talked to just seemed annoyed that I would be calling about this matter. She just said she'd put it in my chart and hung up.

I guess I'm partly venting and partly asking if other have experienced CPs? Did your dr give you any insight as to why they happen. I feel like I will never get past the 5 week mark of being pregnant.

I know that some of you have suffered with losses far greater than this, and I send my love to you. I can't imagine having to go through such pain.

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Re: chemical pregnancies... i have questions

  • I don't know a lot about chemical pregnancies, I just wanted to say that I think you did the right thing having them document it in your record.   A lot of doctors wont do anything until the third miscarriage, so if you do have a problem you wont have to go through another two miscarriages before they take you seriously.  I am very sorry for your loss, and I hope that you see many weeks past the 5 week mark in the near future! 
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  • I'm sorry for your loss. I am so sorry that your mom said you weren't pregnant then. It's a common misconception that a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy means you were never pregnant. That is 100% not true, it was a real pregnancy.


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  • I'm sorry hun, but 3 pregnancy tests do not lie.  You definitely had a chemical pregnancy. I too, had one, and lost my baby at 5w.  I took 3 tests on 10.10.11 and had 3 very strong positives.  I then started bleeding exactly 1 weeks later on 10.17.11.  I had betas done and they confirmed the CP/MC.  My nurse too said that maybe I just got a false positive, but I immediately corrected her... I had THREE positive tests a week ago and was 5w PG.  She then told me that I was miscarrying and that it was a CP.

    The "good" thing about a CP is that you can try again right away if your emotionally ready.  DH and I talked about it and decided we would keep going.  I'm 2 DPO right now and we're hoping & praying for a sticky July baby. 

    Best of luck to you and I'm so sorry for your (very real) loss. 


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