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Road trip from SoCal to WA... advice! :)

Hello :) Been a while since I posted on here but I was hoping I could get some advice from anyone who has driven long distances while using CDs.

DD is 6 months old and we're planning on driving up to Washington from San Diego in a couple weeks for a 2 week long vacation visiting family for Thanksgiving. We use gdiapers with gmd prefolds inside, we also use the gdiapers disposable liners (mostly when we went camping or have someone else watching her who isn't good with rinsing out poop lol), and HH pockets. 

I'm not nervous about using cds on her during the drive or on our trip, but I'm curious to know a couple things:

1. How do you organize/pack your diapers while on a long drive?

2. Where do you put dirties? I don't have a very large wet bag except for her pail liner which only has elastic on top so the stink will come out if we just bring that... is it worth it to find/buy a bigger bag that closes (the one we have that zips closed seems to hold 2 days worth of wet diapers from our past experiences)? What do you use that keeps the smell in (I don't want to stink up our families' homes with diapers)?

Thanks for any advice you can give!

Re: Road trip from SoCal to WA... advice! :)

  • 1) I just use a seperate bag for diapers to keep in the car.  I put a days worth of diapers in the diaper bag and we use those that day.  

    2) I have 3 wetbags (all zip).  I use one wetbag a day but if yours will fit 2 days worth use that.  I may invest in another large wetbag for the drive and while visiting family.  I assume you'll be washing diapers every other day (just like at home?)  If that's the case then having 2 wetbags (perhaps get the other the same size as the one you already have) will get you through between washes.  

    If on the drive she poops, you're going to have to do the dunk and flush in a public bathroom OR use the disposable liners and dispose of them at the gas station / rest stop. 

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  • Thanks! I'll just get one more wet bag. When we use the HH diapers, they take up a TON of space so just in case I'll have the extra room (the bag fits 2 days worth if they're JUST prefolds in the bag). We wash every 2-ish days but I'm not sure how often we'll get a chance to do the laundry... we're visiting quite a bit of family along the way so we'll see how it goes.

    Thanks :)

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