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Please comment on my stash!

Should I buy more pre-folds for NB stage? I will do laundry every other day.

Here is what I have so far:

24 infant pre-folds 

6 premie pre-folds (bought by family member mistakenly bought)

3 NB fitted kissaluvs

1 NB Bummis super whisper cover

2 NB Rumparooz cover

1 NB BumGenius AIO

1 OS Pocket KaWaii Baby

1 Blueberry OS cover

3 size 1 Thirsties covers

2 best bottom OS covers

and a bunch of g-diapers

(some are hand-me-downs so that is why I have such a variety)

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Re: Please comment on my stash!

  • Looks like a great start! I would buy some yellow edge and a few more covers.

    My baby was 8 lbs 10 oz at birth and we used orange edge until yesterday when I switched him over to yellow edge at 12 lbs and almost 7 weeks old.

    For the first few weeks, the Thirsties Duo sz 1 covers fit, but had too much extra fabric, and we liked the Bummis super brite NB covers. We had 3 of those, and I would have liked 4.

    We have 7 Thirsties covers and now and that's a good number. I go through those more often than I thought I would! I also do laundry every other day.

    So, here's what I have and what I'd recommend if you're primarily using prefolds:

    24 orange edge, 24 yellow edge

    3-4 Bummis super brite NB covers

    6-8 Thirsties Duo sz 1 covers

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