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2 Month Shots

Hi Ladies,

 My LO is scheduled to get his 2 month shots next week. Of course I will ask his pediatrician, but what experiences did you have with side effects from your LO after they got them? Thanks!

Re: 2 Month Shots

  • No real side effects other than a very sleepy cuddly baby for 24 hrs.
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    No real side effects other than a very sleepy cuddly baby for 24 hrs.

     Perfect! I'd cuddle him alll day if he let me! He is really into his play mate now :)

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  • With DD#1 we always gave her tylenol less than an hour before shots and she never had a problem.

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  • We just did this today. DS was hungry and extremely tired by the time we got to that part of the appointment, so he screamed pretty loudly during the shots. Post-shots, he drank his bottle and has been asleep for the last 3+ hours.

    I have infant Tylenol just in case he has a problem when he eventually wakes up.

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  • My DD had her shots this morning. After we calmed her down she was fine for a few hours then started crying lots so we gave her medacine and shes been asleep since (about 3.5 hours so far)

  • Not at this point yet with DS, but with DD she cried everytime and always ran a fever the next day. Usually wasn't a bad fever, but she was cranky and wanted to be held. I also gave Tylenol less than an hour before shots, and I still try to do this with her now.

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  • My DS just had his this week.  May sure to have some infant Tylenol or Infant Pediacare on hand just in case he is sore or runs a fever.  DS was super snuggly.. all he wanted was for me to hold him the rest of the day.  I guess my mommy smell calms him down :) 
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