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Test results are back...I have GD

I had my bi-monthly appt this morning to find out that my 3 hr test results were in and that I have GD.  I was upset at first (its not fair, I'm eating healthy not gaining too much weight etc etc) but then I calmed down.  Now I'm just worried.

Hopefully I'll be meeting with the dietician during the next week to go over the dietary changes i will need to make to control my blood sugar.  But I looked over the information they gave me at the OB and they want me to eat a serious amount of food!!!  Maybe that is why my body doesn't metabolize sugar that well because it seems I am not eating enough.  I've never been a big snacker and they are all about the in-between meal munchies.  Has anyone else had this issue and have some tips that will make my diet change any easier on me?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Test results are back...I have GD

  • I don't have any advice but I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry. I know you must be disappointed. Hopefully you will feel better once you meet with the dietician. Thinking of you lots lately. I hope all is well. And I still want a bump photo. Stick out tongue
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  • I personally have no advice, but my BFF had GD with her last pregnancy....and they gave her all the meal/snack plans to follow, and she ended up losing 14lbs by the time she delivered.  She looked great and she said she felt SO much better just changing her diet.

    She continued to follow the diet after she had the baby, and she looks better than I have seen her in years!

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  • I'm so sorry you are going thu this. Big hug! I don't have advice but I wanted to tell you I will keep you in my T&P.
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  • Ugh, I'm sorry you have something extra to deal with.  I don't have any feedback, but I'm glad you'll have a sit down with the nutritionist. I hope the diet change makes you feel great likes williams4me's friend.
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  • I'm sorry. I don't have any advise to share. Although I failed the first test and passed the second, my OB is watching me like a hawk. Especially since diabetes runs on both sides of my family. I can sympathize with that initial fear you had.

    My colleague was diagnosed with GD, and it was a matter of her eating more balanced meals (not that what she was eating before was unhealthy, just not in the right combination) and more frequently. Perhaps it's as you supposed . . . you're not eating enough during the day and your body is hanging on to every bit of sugar you do it.

    Hang in there . . . I'm sure everything will be fine.

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  • I'm so sorry about the GD.  Sad  I was seeing a dietician before I got this BFP for my PCOS.  I felt like a lot of it was common sense, but it was helpful to get ideas from her, particularly for me with my food allergies.  She highly recommended I switch to "grazing throughout the day" as a way to keep my sugar levels balanced.  I found the easiest way to start doing that was to make sure I ate small amounts every 3-4 hours.  Eventually my body got used to that and naturally switched to that pattern. 

    I hope the dietician helps and you are able to make the change you need to without too much problem.  ((Big HUGS))

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  • No advice from me but sorry you have to deal with it. Hope it ends up being pretty easy to deal with.
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  • Sorry about that hon.  I haven't had that experience yet, but know that it is fairly common.

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  • Oh honey I'm sorry. I wish it would have turned out differently.

    Just remember it isn't always about if you ate healthy or not. Let me know how it goes with the dietitian. GL

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  • I had it with my first pregnancy, so I expect I will have it with this pregnancy too.  The diet isn't awful, it does just take some getting used to, and some experimenting to see what things your body deals with best.  The hardest part for me was that I basically had to relearn what to eat.  I love fruit- so having to limit how much of it I ate was really hard.  It was also weird for me that I was being pushed to eat things like meat, cheese, and eggs.  If you eat enough protein though- it does help keep you full and satisfied.

    On the bright side, I ended up weighing 14 pounds less after delivering than I weighed starting the pregnancy!  I'm hoping since I kept most of those pounds off that maybe I'll escape the GD this time around.  The high-risk board has a lot of advice for this as well!  

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