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GMD Prefolds--Bleached or Unbleached?


I'm planning on getting 3 dozen of the infant GMD prefolds (orange I think) and they come in either bleached or unbleached.  I feel like the unbleached are not very pleasant to look at (white just looks cleaner to me).  

What is the difference btwn bleached and unbleached?


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Re: GMD Prefolds--Bleached or Unbleached?

  • The only difference is one was bleached while the other wasn't.  I went with unbleached because I'm more of a naturalist and am not a fan of bleach to begin with.  Also, it's just something for the baby to pee and poop in that will be covered with a cute diaper cover anyway.  

    Go with which ever diaper you want... they will both work the same. 

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  • I actually  prefer the unbleached because the stains do not stand out as much as with the white and I also agree with the PP.
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  • I bought a set of both used and in my opinion the unbleached are softer!


  • We have GMDs in both unbleached or organic. Ours are very soft, I don't know how the bleached compare?

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  • I have both and I feel like the unbleached are softer and hide stains better. White may start off looking "cleaner," but that doesn't last long :-) Most everything comes out in the sun, but the unbleached hide whatever doesn't better.
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  • I just asked this question on here the other day right before I ordered, and decided on the unbleached.  I got my package today and have spent the day prepping (waiting for them to dry now so I can test the absorbency so far =) )

    Anyway, the only difference I can tell is that unbleached do take more prepping, but I went for it based on the other recs.  I did want to mention though, that many people on this board rec going straight to the yellow edge....and I am glad I did.  I ordered 12 yellow, and 6 orange.  By the time they shrink up I can totally see why the orange only lasts a very short time.  At first the yellow looked HUGE and I seriously questioned the decision....but after seeing them almost prepped....I get it now.  I'm glad I have a few orange....but yellow might be better for the bulk of your stash unless you are expecting a super tiny baby.

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  • I have about 2 dozen of these I am thinking about selling. 1 dozen are unbleached (hide stains better, and a bit softer) and the other dozen are bleached.

    There are no stains that I can see, and I would sun one more time for good measure, but I'm in buffalo, and the sun has pretty much gone into hibernation till April Lol.

    I'd part w/them for  $25 (2 dozen) plus actual shipping (which will probably be about $10-15 unfortunately because they are so bulky.  I also have 5 covers.  1 Bummis super brights (green) size newborn, 1 bummis super whisper wrap in Newborn, and 3 Thirsties size XS, these fit up until probably 10-11lbs-ish,  depending on the baby and the diaper you are using.

    If you are interested I have pics of both on my phone.

    EMAIL me please [email protected]

    I have been on this board for a while, but have recently been less active because the twins have me busy, but I have great feedback on eBay (acgunia user name) if you want to check it out.  I've done sales on here and on Fluff Traders facebook group. 

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  • The bleached ones from GMD don't use traditional "bleach" they have an alternative process that is more environmentally friendly.
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