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Cloth Diapering

Update on the FAQ update :)

Based on your suggestions, here's how I see the FAQs being updated

1. Update info on different types, including flats, AI2s, and hybrids


2. What you need for a newborn vs what you need for CDing an older child


3. DIY information, whether it's diapers, covers, wetbags, or wipes. Link below:


4. Potty training CD'd kids, and training pants resources


5. Different smells and how to fix them


6. Options for nighttime CDing


7. Wipe solutions (to be added to the cloth wipes section)


8. Best CDs for DCPs, and how to get them onboard (potentially to be added to the "how do I convince my DH?" section)


9. How to deal with yeast


Someone had suggested a detergent FAQ, but it looks like it's already there.


Last chance to add your 2c, then I'll post questions for you guys to answer the rest of the week.


Re: Update on the FAQ update :)

  • This looks great! Thanks for putting this together, too.


    PS, I love your new siggie pic ;-) My DS loves to suck on his middle fingers as well.

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  • WinkI love your siggy pic too... I'm going to try to do something similiar for our christmas card pictures.
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