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DYI Diaper Sprayer help

I'm going to start by saying, I'm sorry I don't know which website I used, but a few months ago a couple links were posted in a post asking about DYI diaper sprayers and I used one of those.  Or I should say DH used one of those.  He bought all of the parts and assembled according to the directions, but we have a leak.  I looked at where it is leaking and can't figure out why.  It looks like it's leaking from a joint that was pre-assembled.  I told him to take the part back and exchange it to rule out bad manufacturing.  He's insisting he put it together wrong.  Has anyone made a DYI diaper sprayer?  Any tips for them?  Thanks!
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Re: DYI Diaper Sprayer help

  • I haven't put one together but my DH did. Just search You Tube videos and try to troubleshoot from them. That's where my DH went for ideas for ours.
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