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New Spouse Orientation?

Dh brought home a CD that is titled NSO (New Spouse Orientation). I haven't watched it yet, wondering if it's worth it.
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Re: New Spouse Orientation?

  • It can't hurt.

    I've never heard of anything like this, but then again stuff varies from command to command, plus I haven't been a new spouse in over 7 years, so I don't know what all they might put on it. I could see how some of the stuff might be very helpful, it might answer some simple questions (like ranks, etc.) and some more complicated ones (like services available to you, tricare concerns, etc.). And even if it's boring and not very helpful you might still find one or two little tidbits that you now don't have to go search out on your own. Honestly, I'd watch it, it's not going to hurt you any to waste a few minutes of your time.

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  • They mailed that to me when H was at basic. I'm trying to remember what was on it. I think it talked about Tricare a bit. I remember it not being very helpful. It was all stuff I had already read about when H was looking at enlisting. That being said, it couldn't hurt to watch it. You cannot always turn it off if it's stuff you already knew.
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  • wow a DVD?!?! lol i actually had to go to an all day briefing! it was 8 hours of pure... *awesomeness* lol i would take the DVD any day. it can't hurt to watch it, you can always shut it off and google if you have questions...that is what I do!
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  • My friend whose DH is trying to join the air force brought a DVD like that over and we watched it. I added things that were out dated or that were sugar coated in the DVD. But it gave a really good overview of everything. I know I would have loved to have that when I first got married!
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  • I have a personal policy that says that even if you only learn one thing, it is worth it! As PPs said, you can always turn it off if you find that you already know everything they are saying. Smile
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