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Cloth Diapering's diaper prepping time and....

I am completely overwhelmed!  I did check the FAQ's on this, but still have some more questions.  Bear with me, and thanks for reading!

1.  I decided to try RNG detergent to start out.  Rec amt is 2-3 TBS.....should I half that like some recs say, or go with the full amount?

2.  For prepping do I do the rinse cycles like I would once my diapers are in use, or do I just do regular wash cycles?

Now for some REALLY, REALLY dumb questions which may or may not be specific to prepping, but to washing in general.

3.  I have a top loader Amana washer.  There's a thing in the middle that I generally pour my liquid detergent into.  Do I put the powder RNG in there, or just sprinkle the powder in the main compartment with the dipes (Sorry, really dumb, I know)

4.  When washing my dipes, how do I do a rinse cycle anyway?  Do I turn the dial to the soak-prewash/rinse, the permanent press/rinse, regular/rinse, delicate/rinse...etc.  LOL.  Sorry, I feel really, really dumb....I am just not very particular about my normal washing and have no idea what's what.  Which "cycle" do you use when washing?

5.  I know fabric softener is a "no-no" so we will be discontinuing those, and switching to dryer balls.  Do you use dryer balls with your dipes, or is that unnecessary?

6.  My husband decided a while back to use those lovely (note sarcasm) bounce bars that stick to the inside of your dryer.  I've figured out how to remove the annoying adhesive....but should I "clean" out my dryer in any way before putting my dipes in there?  I think I may have read to just run a towel in the dryer for a few minutes?


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Re:'s diaper prepping time and....

  • Use half the amount of detergent. (Save it for when your diaps have poo)

    Use a regular wash cycle.

    I put the powder right on the diapers

    When I do a pre-rinse, I set the dial to just rinse, then re-set the dial to heavy load with an extra rinse. (but I don't do all this when I am prepping)

    I use dryer balls with my diaps. It should lessen the dry time and it makes them nice and soft for LOs bum bum.

    I don't think you need to clean your dryer IMO


    **Make sure you aren't prepping natural fibers with synthetics.  

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