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abolsute minimum stash to get stared w toddler

hello!!  :)

 i don't have a lot to spend up front to begin my stash, but would like to start CD my almost 2 yo DD before our newborn arrives in april.

what do i absolutely NEED to get to start off diapering FT? 

i want a mix to see what i like, but am thinking a combo or PFs, fitteds and pockets.  She is a little peanut, so I'm also looking for dipes that are good for kids on the smaller side.

I'm so nervous to buy used.  Last time I CDed, I bought a big lot and they were not absorbent at all and I didn't want to get into stripping and all that.



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Re: abolsute minimum stash to get stared w toddler

  • I use a combinations of prefolds, fitteds, and pockets with my 2 year old.  She weighs 28lbs.  I use prefolds during the day, pockets for nap, and fitteds at night.  We probably go through 1 fitted (overnight), 4 prefolds, and 1-2 pockets a day.  If I'm not sure I'm going to like something, I always head to Spots.  I can usually find what I'm looking for MUCH cheaper than it would be new, and have always had good experiences with diapers I've purchased there.  Most CD websites also offer return policies if you try a diaper and don't like it.  There are also trials that don't have to be newborn, where you get several different types of diapers, try them, return what you don't want, and get refunded.  I'd aim for OS things, particularly because you can use them for a much longer period of time.  For example, both of my girls can use the same BGs and Kawaii's.  Kawaii's are a cheap pocket that I ADORE.  We have the Mom Label ones and they're great.
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  • I was going to ask the same question!! I have mostly size Med. All in Ones so my 2.5 year old is outgrowing them a lil bit. But I hate to invest too much $ into bigger AIOs b/c she **MAY** be potty trained soon (hopefully!). I'm planning on buying some GMD prefolds and 2 one size covers. I have some new one size peachy greens coming, if I like those I may invest in some since Miss Ella can wear them too ;)
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  • We recently started CDing DD2. She is on the skinny side with a long torso. When we first started I had about 9 and that would last me one day and I would wash at night. Now we have about 18 and I wash every other day. Our stash is pretty much pockets with a few hybrids thrown in.
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