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When will this end?

I had opted to mc naturally since I had already had 2 dc. It took more than a week to start bleeding . Now I have been bleeding for two weeks. It started out heavy with lots of clots and cramps. The past few days have been lighter and no cramps. I have been crying less and actually accepted what is happening. Im looking forward to ttc to conceive again but I feel like I'm stuck now. I just want it to be over so that I can start the next step which also makes me nervous but I'm trying to be brave. I can't wait for all of this to be in the past and for me to have a baby.
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Re: When will this end?

  • I'm sorry for your loss.

    Are you checking in with your doc?  I had about 5 days of spotting, 14 hours of severe cramping, lots of blood and clots before I passed the tissue, then bleeding that tapered off into spotting and ended about a week later, so all together two weeks of bleeding or spotting for me. 

    Is it possible that you passed the sac when you were passing the clots?  How far along were you?  Throughout the m/c process, my doc had me check in every two days and once I passed the tissue, they did an ultrasound to see if my uterus looked clear and they're now monitoring my hormones down to normal levels.  Is your doc doing anything like that?

    BFP #1 9-15-11; EDD 5-28-12. US 6w2d, growth

    BFP #2 12-6-11 and 12-7-11; EDD 8-17-12. US 6w6d measuring 5w6d. Misoprostol Assisted m/c 1-16-12 at 9w3d.


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  • On 10-17 my hgc were 9,000. On 10-19 I had bad cramping so much that I had to leave work early. I didn't notice if there was any tissue. On 10-22 levels were 3,000.  I saw my gyn on 10-26 and u/s showed uterus was clear. My doctor wants to check hormone levels in a few weeks. I just thought that bleeding would have stopped by now. I was told that I had blighted ovum at 8 weeks. 
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