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Diapers for large babies

DS is almost 9 months and 21 pounds.  We are about to have to completely unsnap all of our BG OS pockets.  

Is there a way to extend them and make them fit longer? What diaper do you use for large babies? 

Re: Diapers for large babies

  • Usually they start to slim down as they get older and more mobile. We unsnapped DS's BGs around 9 months too, but actually snapped them back down from ~14-18 months before unsnapping them again. He still has plenty of growing room at 2.
  • Ok this makes me feel better!  Hopefully we can make it to PT with these. 
  • We have had DS' unsnapped since he was 4 or 5 months old and they still fit. He is pretty chubby, but like PP said, he'll (hopefully) slim down soon. I can squeeze my almost 4 year old in to them (he doesn't wear them, I just tried them on him). He weighs about 40 pounds.
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  • We unsnapped the rises on all of our diapers around that age, too. We haven't snapped them up again, but she is still fitting into all of them wonderfully. I don't think we will have to buy more because she grows out of them, like PP said. :)
  • My dd was a similar size at 9 months (23 lbs) and did end up growing out of them by 2. I used fuzzibunz size L until she potty trained . 
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  • DD thinned out some after she started walking. 


    Howeve,r she's still 26 pounds and 31+ inches. I have the best luck with Blueberries and Happy Heinys (which I still have a snap setting left on and loads of room). I vary between snapping the rise down and unsnapping my BG, but I like her diapers to fit around her hips. 


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