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T&P please

I'm very nervous and don't really know what to do at this point. Last night I started having cramps and bleeding (tmi but also passed a few clots). I called the on-call doc at our obgyn office and he just told me to wait until Monday to come in again for repeat betas. He was also unsure if I was having miscarriage due to my betas scores. On 9dpo beta 11, 13dpo beta 85 and yesterday morning (prior to the bleeding) beta was 741. He told me he wasn't sure if my scores were rising or dropping from a number higher than 741. We were going to wait until Monday but I woke up this morning with cramps so we went to the ER. They did blood work and a regular and transvaginal ultrasound. Of course its really early, I'm only 4 weeks and 4 days but they did see a very small "mass" on the ultrasound that they said may be the sac. My betas came back at 1000 so they seem to be rising still.

Basically the trip to the ER did not confirm whether or not I'm having a miscarriage since its so early, all they really said is I have to wait it out. I'm going in on Tuesday to my obgyn for more blood tests. This is so scary and frustrating, I would just like to know what's going on either way. I still have off and on cramps and spotting. I would like to remain hopeful but its very hard. If you can please send thoughts and prayers our way. Thanks

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Re: T&P please

  • How scary!!  I hope it turns out to be something unconcerning and stops soon!!  Sending T&P your direction for sure.
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  • My thoughts are with you all. Best of luck tomorrow!
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  • Bleeding during pregnancy is very scary. Hang in there. We'll be thinking of you and sending thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.
  • T&P heading your way...hang in there and good luck!!!
    We had three BFN in the Fall of 2011. It is back on to some baby making come June. Swim little fellas, SWIM!!!!
  • ::lurking:: I'm sorry you're going through this. Bleeding during pregnancy is so scary. The thing to keep in mind is that betas don't give an absolute answer (whether they are rising normally or not). It's hard to say with yours because they weren't drawn closer together. You are really early so I'm thinking they will want to do another u/s, but may want to wait a week or two while they monitor your betas. I've always had them drawn every 48 hours.

    I'm sending you good energy for a positive outcome.




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  • Sending you prayers and the very best of wishes as you wait--you are not alone!
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  • I'm sorry this is happening to you and your Wife. You must be so scared :( Lots of t&p coming your way. Try to stay calm and positive. 
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  • Hang in there.  Positive thoughts headed your way!

  • You are in our thoughts and prayers!

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  • Positive Thoughts! & prayers coming your way. Hang in there. ((hugs))
    Mom to a wonderful kiddo. Wishing/Hoping for a second LO.
  • Lots of good T&P's headed your way!
  • I will be hoping for the best. Please keep us posted!
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  • Thinking about you and sending good thoughts.  Early bleeding is scary to experience and sometimes all turns out ok.
  • Thinking of you and sending lots of good thoughts. Hopefully the fact your betas are still doubling through it all mean everything is on track and the bleeding is just a fluke. Fingers tightly crossed.
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  • hoping for the best!!! hang in there.

  • Sending lots of T&P and hugs your way!
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