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Advice from full time working moms

on potty traing.

How did you do it?

DD does not go to day care she is either home with daddy or my parents. I'm thinking of just going cold turkey since she really does not want to go on the toilet we ask her all the time she says no. But not sure I can take all the mess if we just put her in underwear I don't want her peeing all over the rug, coach, beds ect.. 

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Re: Advice from full time working moms

  • In my case we tried the whole do you want to go on the potty thing and it did not work. For DD we left the potty in the room and did not mention it and then one day she said pee pee potty and she has been going on it everyday since. She does a lot better at home than at daycare. We put her in panties and she is good. In the beginning we would give her a jelly belly for going pee pee on the potty. We also started a sticker chart and when she filled a row she got a little prize and once the chart was full she got a toy. I think your DD will let you know when she is ready. Good luck


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  • We read some fun potty books and watched Elmo's potty video. She was 2 1/2 and we taught her on our summer break on the beach. We used the timer to sit her on the potty every 20 minutes. It was fun and we used rewards. As long as you have a few days in a row and keep putting her on the potty (we let her use the potty in different rooms in the house, not just the bathroom), she'll learn. DD had very little mess.

    It also helps when they are ready.

    And she was a heavy sleeper so she wore a pull-up for naps and overnight for 6 months. She regressed and asked for pull-ups for poop for 2 months. I said okay. It passed without issue.

    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
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  • Pull-ups and underwear did not click for DS. Had to let him run around naked (took away rugs and covered couches) whenever he was at home. A few weeks later we could do underwear with mostly no accidents and now we can go public in underwear. Mind you, we started in June and daycare dud not seriously get on board until September, but he was pretty much trained by then. Try your best not to pressure and not wo guilt for accidents. It is very hard, but I believe is better for the process in the long run




  • We went to underwear during the day. 1st day he had less than 6 accidents. At some points in the day, he would go 1-2 hours without any. Some of them were simply missing the target. We have both a Baby Bjorn potty, which he still uses and a toilet ring. The 2nd day, we adventured out. During the day, he wears underwear. At night, he is in a pull-up. Most mornings he does wake up dry. We leave the house at 6:30 daily, so I don't want to worry about bathing him if he wets the bed. 
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  • I work FT and DH works PT on my days off.  Occasionally it overlaps, so my mom watches her those days.  I did the 3 day pt method, on a long weekend. 
  • Our daycare took a week vacation so my mom had to come for the week. We planned ahead that we'd do the 3 day PT method on the Saturday so we were all home for the first 2 days and DH was home with him for the Monday as well. Then my mom kept up with it for the rest of the week. It worked really well! He did it at 27 months old. So if you want to do it that way, just start on a Saturday and have all of her caregivers on board!
  • My DD is home with her daddy, too, while I am at work. Last Christmas, when Lucy was 2.5, we bought one of those potties you can move from room to room, and just let her play with it and sit on it. It took a few months before she actually tried sitting on it to actually use it. Once she did, I told her we were going to say goodbye to diapers (pullups) and I bought underwear. There was NO going back. It turned out well b/c she realized she did not like peeing on herself, so that was that. Last week we bought the cushiony toddler potty covers and got rid of the other potty so she could use a real toilet, and we haven't had any issues with that transition. Good luck! Every child is different and has his or her own time! (She still wears pullups to bed, though.)
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