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Anyone NOT carving pumpkins this year?

We bought pumpkins this week, and although I would love to have us carve them, I simply do not have the time.  We have church today, and then tommorow night is Halloween Trick or Treating.   

Also, its been miserable out, so the pumpkins will look worse when carved - soggy and mushy with all the sleet/rain.  Maybe next year will be a better year to do carving...but I'm just wondering if anyone is skipping this too? 

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Re: Anyone NOT carving pumpkins this year?

  • We are, mainly because carving pumpkins kind of grosses me out :P We've had our 2 pumpkins on the porch for awhile and have never even talked about carving them. Maybe when DD is older and if she's interested in doing it, but for now, no.
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  • We just let DS paint 2 small ones that he got at the pumpkin patch.  The thought of trying to carve with knives and a grabby kid didn't really sound like fun.  We'll save that for another year. 
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  • We didn't. We're moving in a few weeks, so between packing, trying to close on the house, running around with the toddler, and the pregnancy, it just wasn't happening. We did buy pumpkins to send a cute pic to our family to reveal the gender of the new baby and just let DD paint on them.
  • We're skipping it. We live in an elevator apartment building, so we have nowhere to display carved pumpkins so there's no reason to. We won't be home tomorrow night anyway as we're going to visit relatives in the suburbs where we can safely trick or treat.

    We did get two pumpkins and have them on our dining table as decoration and they look very pretty. My rule was that neither girl could get one bigger than they could carry so there was no issue with being too big for my table lol!

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  • We haven't yet.  We may still do it tonight but really, DD has no interest in it.  Last year she wouldn't even stick her hands inside it and she'll be the same way this year since she still doesn't like to get messy.  She's way more interested in the 2 small ones she got, she carries them around with her everywhere.
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  • I would rather keep mine out and pretty. I have to desire to carve pumpkins and dont feel like I am ruining childhood for DS by not doing so! ;)
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  • I am thinking we won't be carving pumpkins this year unless we buy some today and do it tonight. DH is helping our friend move today though and DS is really in quite a 'mood' so I doubt it. 

    I hope the weather clears up a bit tomorrow for DS's 1st halloween trick or treat adventure! 

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  • Ugh - once again I carved them this year (2 - down from 3 last year, slowly learning my lesson here).  And I am thinking next year I will set up the kids with paints and let them go to town rather than carving.  DH never helps with the carving so it always falls to me so thinking I will just skip it for a few years until the kids want to.

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  • No, we have a new house & I didn't want to deal with the mess.  We don't have a table outside to do it on either.  

    I meant to let her paint her little one, but I think she bit it & it's starting to rot, so I just threw it in the trash.  

    She won't touch finger paint, or most foods so I know she wouldn't touch pumpkin guts. 

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  • I always carve ours but I was too tired today to be bothered so my husband is just putting them outside after our DD goes to bed.  I am sad about it but it's really for the best.
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  • I bought 2 pumpkins over the weekend because my DH really wanted to carve them.  I thought he would carve them with DS1 tonight but he hasn't so I guess either I'm carving them in a few...when I'm sure DS2 is asleep... or they can just sit on the porch.

    Personally I hate carving pumpkins.  I hate gutting them.  I know I didn't always hate it but now it just annoys me.  So I am very much ok with them not getting carved. 

    It still annoys me because DH said he really wanted to carve pumpkins this year and is suddenly too busy to do it.  If I knew it was going to end up like this I wouldn't have bought the dang things.  Its not like DS1 really cares that much right now anyway!

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  • I totally forgot about this!  Probably because it wouldn't be a fun thing with DD.  She has to "help" with everything these days so I don't see her enjoying watching us carve a pumpkin for her.  We decorated little pumpkins with stickers and that will have to do this year.
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  • We didn't carve them. I decorated with them outside and didn't want them to attract flies/fruit flies while it was still warm out (they were bad enough this year!)
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