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2 under 3 stroller help!

Hi ladies! I'm looking for some advice. We are expecting DC #2, DS will be 2 yrs 9 months when the baby arrives. We are looking for a new stroller, we are currently debating between the Joovy Ergo Caboose, which would allow me to mount the infant seat at the back and have my toddler in the front seat for up to a tear an then DS would e close to 4 so he could use the sit and stand while #2 uses the harnessed seat. The other option is the city select with the extra seat, it has Manu configurations, but importantly (perhaps) would allow a full seat for each child, I'm wondering if this is necessary? As of now DS loves his stroller, asks to sit in it and still naps regularly in it, I'm guessing eventually that will change tho...WdYT? Any other suggestions?
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Re: 2 under 3 stroller help!

  • I would go with the City Select if I were you. Can't that be used as a single and a double? I am having my third tomorrow, and my oldest is about how old your son will be when you give birth. I am not anticipating him using the stroller much longer. Whenever we go somewhere, he walks 75% of the time, and I force him to ride the rest. Since your son likes the stroller, I would have a full seat available for him, but know that he will likely not use it for longer than a year.  

  • We have the City Select and I LOVE it!! 
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  • I love my city select
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  • I'm in the same situation. DS still likes his stroller a lot and naps well in it. I think you should get the City Select. I looked at the Joovy too and it just didn't seem comfortable for DS. He likes the stroller, but he probably would change his mind if it weren't so comfy for him I think. Plus I tried the stand part and he hated it! He whined to be up front. I am actually going to get the City Mini Double because it was the best of the ones I tried in my budget range. I love that they can both recline and there won't be fighting over who gets the front seat. I have friends that still occasionally use their stroller with 4 year olds so I think we'll get some use out of it. I'm keeping my single BOB for DS#2 in case DS#1 gets sick of the stroller.
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