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Weekend Plans?

What are your plans for this weekend?
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Re: Weekend Plans?

  • I am still in California for the conference - my body refuses to convert to PST and I have been up since 4am. I really don't want to go to conference sessions today and want to go sightseeing. We'll see what I end up doing. We are taking the red eye home at midnight Crying.

    Saturday - I get in at 7am and then drive an hour home - which isn't going be great since I can't sleep on planes. By the time I get home, L will have taken the kids to swimming lessons. We're going to go to lunch and then go to the Harvest Festival at the kids school. I will take the kids home for their (and my!) nap while L volunteers at the festival. L is going to take the kids to the Lego Store for Family Fright Night. The kids are so excited. I will be asleep at home. :)

    Sunday - I have no idea what we are going to do. I know that there needs to be some grocery shopping in there and some prepping of food for the week.

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  • Saturday - hopefully I'm going to have a sitter come over to play with LO while I do odds and ends around the house (does saying "odds and ends" make me officially old?).  DW should be home soon and this may be my last chance to do a good deep clean.

    Sunday - a photographer friend is going to take some photos of DD and I.  I really wanted a few photos together before K returns. Unfortunately with the snow we got yesterday, instead of pretty fall colors it may just be wet mucky mud.  We shall see.


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  • My inlaws are in town for the weekend which will be nice since they haven't seen the bean since he was about a week old.  So much changes in such a short time.  It's supposed to rain and snow here so we will likely stay in for much of tomorrow and then go for some sort of outing on Sunday.

    Having them (or any guests for that matter) visit will be fabulous, but it always leaves me yearning for a bigger house.  That is so not happening any time soon in this market.   Oh well. 

  • Trying to get out of my funk/depression. I'm leaving work early today and chopping my hair off. Donating to Locks of Love, and the place I'm going does free cuts when you donate so that's nice. My hair is super long right now, so I can probably cut off about 12in (their minimum is 10) and still have chin length or even a little longer. I still need to figure out what kind of cut I'm going to get, though.

    My wife is working OT tonight, so I think I'm going to get my camera out and play with some off-camera flash after the boy goes to bed. I might try to set up something for a little Halloween photo shoot with my baby for the morning. I also still need to try to find some kind of piratey costume for me to go with his. And although I think it's very funny, I need to find something OTHER than the plastic butt my friend suggested--she thinks I should be the pirate's booty. Tomorrow night is a football/halloween party at our friends' house.

    I have no idea what we're doing on Sunday. Hockey in the evening, but as far as I know we don't have anything else definite.

  • I'll be laying low all weekend, recovering from the procedure I'm having done today.  Katie will be out of town, so I plan on watching all kindsa trashy tv, reading, and hanging out with my mom.  If I can, I'll do some cooking. I really want to make Ina's vegetable pot pies.  We'll see.
  • Here's to bluedaisy getting out of her funk and to 2brides going sightseeing!

    I have no idea what we're doing this weekend. I'm so tired I just want to sleep! (J has been waking up in the middle of the night - oh, molars...)

    We'll probably check out a few open houses on Sunday, but other than that, I have no clue!

  • There will be grocery shopping and cleaning but no definite plans yet. Dw is having some big sale at work and she has been working her hiney off at almost 60 hours a week the last few weeks so probably just laying low. Our city has a little Halloween party for families tomorrow but I do not really want to go with just me and Ky...sigh. Probably a lot of staying home and trying tnot to freeze.
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  • Its a Halloween extravaganza kind of weekend for the CT family.

    Tonight i've got the kids while DW works the haunted house her work puts on.  I'm debating whether I'll bring the kids by. 

    Tomorrow morning we're meeting friends at a halloween parade. In the afternoon we have our town's big halloween party.

    Sunday is Boo at the Zoo (kids get in free w/ costume)!


    and all that just in time for real halloween on monday Indifferent


  • No big plans.  I think L and I were both hesitant to really make any because we thought we'd have a kid/kids by now. 

    Tonight--having friends over for one of their birthdays.  I'm making dinner.

    Tomorrow--Better buy some Halloween candy as our neighborhood has night-time trick or treat from 4-8pm.  I love seeing all the neighbor kids in their costumes. I don't love the teenagers at 7pm, no costume, with their pillowcase.

    Probably go to a friend's Halloween party at night. 


  • Bluedaisy, glad to see you around these parts, I've been thinking of you.

    Tonight: Hopefully getting pumpkins? If anyone still has them? I haven't been able to take E to a patch (well she went on a field trip with her dad last Friday to patch where it poured rain the entire time). I didn't want to buy them too early and have them rot and well, now it might be too late.

    Tomorrow: E has soccer in the morning. In the afternoon we have tickets to see harold and the purple crayon at the children's theatre. I'm really looking forward to it because E loved going to the theatre last year. There is a food truck event going on at the park near the theatre, so maybe we'll hit that for dinner afterwards if the weather holds.

    Sunday: Hopefully carving pumpkins, decorating our front porch for Monday night, making some chili for quick dinner the following night and E just counting down the hours until Monday. She gets to wear pajamas to school on Monday and they are having a "spider party" so she is already counting the days until then. The very first thing she said when she woke up this morning, "only 3 more days".

  • I am just now getting to work since we had a long doctor's appt this morning and then went to lunch. Will probably work a bit late, but no plans for the evening except finishing my laundry, and searching for my missing sweaters.

    Tomorrow morning I'm going to (a) go running or (b) go to the pool to swim laps or (c) do a P90X video, depending on the weather (and if Jen feels like going swimming). In the afternoon I'm staying home so the heater repair guy can come over while Jen takes the dogs to our neighborhood's annual dog costume parade. (Lucky is going as a bumblebee, and Pippin is going as a flower). It's one of her favorite events of the year, she loves it Smile I am guessing the evening is going to involve watching Hallmark or Lifetime Halloween movies, since Jen is a sucker for Hallmark and Lifetime holiday movies of any kind. We have a whole checklist of cheesy cliches to look for - like a drinking game without the drinking.

    On Sunday Jen is having lunch with a coworker and then they're going to visit a friend who just had a baby a few weeks ago. I'm going grocery shopping, picking up Halloween candy, and might shop for jeans. Sunday night we're going to try a new Italian restaurant with our neighbors.

    Either Jen or I have been in Oregon for at least part of the last several weekends, so it will be nice to just have the weekend together.

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  • No real plans for this weekend.  C will be working most of the weekend, so I need to figure out what I am going to do.  I have some gifts to finish making, and should probably get to work on some of the Christmas gifts.
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    I am guessing the evening is going to involve watching Hallmark or Lifetime Halloween movies, since Jen is a sucker for Hallmark and Lifetime holiday movies of any kind. We have a whole checklist of cheesy cliches to look for - like a drinking game without the drinking.

    When I was preggo we played drinking games once for a friend's birthday party and I drank yummy flavored water....not quite the same but being the sober person (and the only one still able to understand the rules of the game ) was quite hilarious.

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  • Today: This morning we went to an awards assembly at A's school, she got awards for being advanced/proficient in math, writing, language arts, and reading (hello 2nd grader who reads at a 4th grade level)!  She makes me one proud mommy.  J, Iz and I had lunch with MIL and our baby niece before we all went to Target to pick up a few things.  We pick A up from school and went home so J could get ready for work, then we dropped J off at work.  The girls and I stopped at the store to pick up some individual pizzas and mini Haagen-Dazs to eat while we watched The Great Pumpkin, I love Charlie Brown holiday movies.  A goes to her Dad's house tonight and I have to pick J up from work at 11:30.

    Saturday: I think we are ordering the fight and having the IL's over to watch it, making pozole and just hanging out.

    Sunday: Not sure what's going on yet.

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