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Home birth with GD???

Hi All,

I would love to have a home birth but have been diagnosed with GD. So far everything is under control and baby is fine. My question is...Has anyone here had a successful home birth after GD diagnosis? Do many midwives feel it would be too unsafe to go forward under these circumstances? 

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Re: Home birth with GD???

  • I can't speak from experience, but just things I have read.  The concern with a home birth with GD is the baby's blood sugar after delivery.  They need to be checked once the baby is born to make sure that LO's glucose levels don't drop after delivery (if they are overproducing insulin based on your sugar levels).  If the baby needs medical care for this, it can definitely be more difficult to do a home birth.  From what I have heard, most mid-wives do not like to do home births for high risk pregnancies (GD can be considered high risk).
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  • I didn't have a HB, but I had GD with a midwife group in an alternative birth center.  I was able to stay very well-controlled by diet alone, so I really wasn't treated any different (besides the VBAC with continuous monitoring).  They never checked baby's blood sugar after birth, probably b/c of my situation.  I wasn't considered high-risk, so I would talk to some providers to see what they think.

    ETA: Just curious what lead to the early testing for GD? 

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  • Thanks ladies. I'll keep looking into it.

     We were TTC for a while with PCOS which put me at higher risk for developing the GD which unfortunately, I did. Its being controlled through diet and everything is going well so far (thank goodness). 

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  • My friend did a home birth with GD.  She kept a very controlled diet and exercised regularly.  She did not intend to do a home birth, but she switched to a midwife at 39 weeks because her OB wanted to induce her (since GD babies can be big) and she didn't think it was necessary.  When she finally had the baby at 41 weeks, she was only 7lbs 2oz and 22 in long.  If your midwife is comfortable with it, it shouldn't be a problem.

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