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If you are familiar with Mooresville please come in

I am meeting a lady in Mooresville tonight to exchange some goods (not of the illegal kind - duh).  It will be dark and I want to meet her in a well lit place.  I'm coming from Salisbury and she's coming from Lincolnton so Mooresville seemed like the middle ground.  Any ideas?
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Re: If you are familiar with Mooresville please come in

  • If she is coming from I-77 and you are coming from Hwy 150 there is a big shopping center just before you would get to I-77 on your left. I think there is a Wendy's at the front of the shopping center. Or coming from 150 there is a Belk's shopping center (strip mall type) on your right a little before you would get to the other shopping center I mentioned.

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  • on 150 there's a large Target parking lot and across the street has a Bed Bath and Beyond/ Best Buy parking lot. I'd stick with these areas and not near the Belk. . .They're better lit and have more people.
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