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Natural Birth

Birth in an Art Gallery?

I'm all for a natural birth and home births are awesome, but I'm not sure if this is a little too far.  Maybe I'm just not not artistic enough to understand it.  Anyway, for those of you who are interested . . .

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Re: Birth in an Art Gallery?

  • I can completely see birth as art, but I do not see birth as a performance.  I certainly wouldn't be comfortable giving birth with a random audience like that.
  • I couldn't do it, but power to her if that's what floats her boat.  It says there were 15 - 20 people there, so it's not like she was giving birth in a stadium.  I've seen homebirth pictures/videos where there were several family and friends in the room.  Some women are "social birthers."  Me?  I just wanted people to be quiet and leave me alone.  :)

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  • Hells to the no! Even though we're planning a homebirth, it'll strictly be myself, DH and our midwives. The idea of an audience in any situation (home, hospital, art gallery) sounds awful to me personally.

    I'm curious to know who the heck would watch it? I've seen plenty of childbirth videos on youtube etc but I would never feel comfortable watching someone go through this in an art gallery. I imagine it would be all kinds of awkward.

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  • Attention Whore through and through.  She's not just stopping with the birth.  Her plan is to document/blog the next 18 years of her child's life as part of her "art".  From what I'ver read about her the child is just a means to an end.  Everything is about her and her art.  In her interviews (prior to birth) she didn't seem concerned about how her child would feel about his/her birth being a public event or the impact of having his/her life as a public display.  According to her interviews she sees her pregnancy and rasing of her child as one big performace art piece.
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  • Not for me she is one odd duck
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  • Def NMS. I think this is strange.
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  • I guess I wonder if it might impact the audience's perceptions of normal/not medicalized birth.  If so, that could be a pretty positive outcome.  I couldn't share that private of an event, but many people post their births on youtube for others to see (there was even that live streaming birth recently).  The sharing isn't in person, but it is sharing nonetheless.  I don't see anything bad about it, really.

    Art can be transformative. 

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