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so you think you have shower drama...........

Long story short..

Shower is in two weeks.  My host has as just met with a few friends to plan. Two times already they flaked on her and didn't show up.  Finally they did today..

The shower is at another girls house- 'Beth' (It is an 'open house' that will last all day and is co-ed)  'Beth is basically just letting us use her house..she was never told she had to help with or pay for anything...

So my host calls me today and is freaking out..she  says, "I don't want to get you invoved but I am having a lot of trouble and don't know what to do..the girls all flaked on me and the one handling the games won't return my texts or calls. Can you please email me with 6 games? I have never been to a baby shower .Beth thinks it is tacky if me and the other girls make and bring food...she wants $500-600 from me to make a whole entire fancy mexican menu with fresh watermelon mojitos and all of this fancy stuff. She says she has a lot of ingredents to buy and needs 3 days of food prep work cause she will do it herself...because it is at her house she says she will be embaressed if we make the food and bring it. (and they can all cook...) She also says that a lot of the people going (all our mutual friends) will want shots and fancy alcoholic drinks because they are cocktail waitresses and if it isn't nice she will also be embaressed .I don't know what to do..I dont have the money for this. Beth tells me she is broke but I make a whole lot less then her.. Beth also says she has to get her house deep cleaned and have landscaping done and everything.  She offered to host at her house 3 months ago and is just telling me this now"

 So my husband and 'Beth's boyfriend are best friends.  My husband thinks that I told 'Beth' about all of this  food and drinks...which I didn't...and now he is mad at me!

I told my host to be frugal..go get some sandwiches and cut up pieces, the 3 girls can cook a dish or two each..get a fruit tray from Sams Club or something..or even make a crockpot filled with pasta or even bbq. 

 But what a freaking MESS! I mean, if Beth didn't want to have it at her house she should have said so months ago..and then to ask my host for $600 because SHE will be embaressed if the food and drinks are not up to her standards!

 My host told me she had issues a few weeks ago and needed help.  So I am doing all of the table and chair rentals and doing the entire candy buffet for a favor.  My mom on the east coast, which im on the also helping now..emailing my host and will help her shop when she visits for the shower.

Just had to vent about this drama.....


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Re: so you think you have shower drama...........

  • I would tell 'Beth' that if she thinks it's tacky for me to cook and bring food then it would be equally tacky that you give her money to cook. This would make me so mad! I don't see the need to have a full on feast at a baby shower. I've been to alot of them and none of them have had a huge meal, always just snack foods. 600 dollars seems a bit riduculous to me just for food. 
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  • AND it is an open house thing that will be 2pm-? maybe 9pm...

     My mom was said.."so beth thinks that she needs to have food all day for 8 hours? If people come at the end it will be expected that things will run out..she is crazy!" 

    it is so ridiculous. I am so glad my host told me about this because she really thought that maybe this was how an actual baby shower is. NO WAY! And the fact that Beth says that the people going that are her friends will expect this and that and shots, just crazy! This is my baby shower that my bestie is hosting..this isn't a house party at Beths house where everyone needs get wasted.  She also said that everyone will drink a lot of alcohol and then they will want more food and is embaressed they will run out of food..if she didn't want it at her house she shouldnt have offered months ago.



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  • imagebaconface:

    Wow, Beth is extremely lame.

    Also, I know some people do this, but I think it's pretty tacky to have any type of alcoholic beverage at a baby shower (not to mention shots). I mean, this is a baby shower, not a sorority party, and the guest of honor can't even drink! You should just do other stuff the (emotional) guest of honor can't do, just to rub it in...

     95% of the people are bartenders and cocktail waitresses on the Vegas I told my host about some beer for the guys, big bowl of sangria, maybe mojito...but that is make premade shots and have a ton of alcohol is just silly... 

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  • Sounds like "Beth" needs to get a grip on reality.  This is not HER party...she really isn't even the are just using her house.  If invites haven't already went out I would have changed it to a regular shower (3 hours long at most) and made it mid-day so a full on meal is not necessary.  I'd also have it somewhere else - a park, a church, a senior center, VFW hall (anywhere but Beth's).  Tell Beth that as far as will be beer and Sangria only (or wine).  Give her a $$ amount and let her know that is ALL you can spend.  If you were to give her $600 why even bother having the shower - just buy what your LO needs.  BTW...tell her you get heartburn from the foods she is wanting to make (even if it isn't true). 

    She is being ridiculous, overbearing, and self-centered.

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