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I had the naptime from hell today.

I knew it was going to happen eventually, but that didn't make it any less horrible.  R has been in her big girl bed for 2 months now and has done WONDERFUL this entire time.  Until this past week when she started "falling" out of bed...that's what she called it.  Probably 3-4 times this past week, she would run to her door screaming bloody murder saying that she "fell" out of bed.

I watched her on the video monitor and she was obviously jumping out of bed.  Today she did it about a dozen or more times and I went into her room and kept putting her back in bed.  Bad decision on my part?

Finally, I stopped putting her back in her bed (after about 1.5 hr of this) and just let her cry and she eventually got back in bed and out of bed about 5-6 times to get a book mess with a blanket, etc. etc.  

This experience made me think of you, Hughes!!!!  She's asleep in her bed right now.  I am not going to let her sleep longer than 1.5 hours today though b/c I'm already dreading bedtime.  EEeeeek!

  I'm not sure if just ignoring her is going to keep working.  I'm hoping she'll just get back in bed.  But it sure did seem like she enjoyed hoping in and out.

I do not think it helped that she consumed the most sugar she has EVER had at the preschool halloween party about 2 hours b/f naptime.  I do not think that was the culprit, but it probably didn't help!

Any advice?   Anyone wanna commiserate?  Help!


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Re: I had the naptime from hell today.

  • Hehe... I won't scare you (hopefully), but that's kind of how it was for us--H did great in her toddler bed for the first month or so, then the shenanigans started. :-) But thankfully, it was just a phase, albeit a VERY frustrating one! The novelty of getting out of bed did eventually wear off. I couldn't tell you the last time she's gotten out of bed, even in the morning after she wakes up. So, if it does turn out to be more than a one time thing, it won't be forever! GL!

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