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Carnival Cruise w/ 2 kids

We were on the Fascination.  One of their smaller ships for a 4 night Bahamas cruise.  We splurged for the balcony room and with 2 kids, that was definitely worth it.  The kids LOVED sitting out there and it was very safe- the door is very heavy so they couldn't get out there w/o us and the railing was high and there was thick glass so no chance of falling.  This was really nice to have during naps and early evening so we could relax while they slept. 

The room had a king bed and they folded down the upper bunk for Gavin.  I was worried about him falling off but we just lined the bar w/ pillows and he was fine.  They brought us a crib for Sophie.  We brought an inflatable duck tub- for $10 it was worth it as Gavin hates showers and I'm not good at holding a soapy Sophie.  We just left it onboard and told the steward to save it for someone else.  He probably trashed it...

The kids were great... really, other than Sophie's shrieking outbursts at dinner, they were perfect!  My biggest complaint was that there was very few options for little ones.  Carnival made it sound like they have lots to do but that wasn't the case at all.  There was no kiddie pool and the main pool was 5 ft deep- no shallow end or even steps to play on.  There were water slides but Gavin was too short for all except one little one and he got tired of that pretty fast.  He loved Camp Carnival, but they don't keep the kids during meal times so that didn't really let us enjoy our meals.  They don't have ANY childcare for under 2 except from 10 pm to 3 am and that costs extra.  Ummm no, I'm not waking up my baby to take her to a baby sitter so I can go get drunk.  So yeah, Sophie was with us round the clock.  That was no biggie since we had plenty of family there to help.

My other complaint was the service.  When we went on a Carnival cruise before, I remember everyone going above and beyond.  Not this time.  Our room steward was awesome but everyone else... blah.  Dinner sucked every night.  We had nearly 30 people so we had 2 large tables.  The other table in our group had AWESOME service.  I mean, like amazing how does he do that kind of service.  We did not.  We had to wait 10-15 min every night for them to bring us a highchair.  4 of us asked for coffee one night- no one got any.  Wrong orders, cold food, no refills.  Super sucky. 

So basically, it wasn't my best vacation and it wasn't my worst vacation.  I put it squarely in the so so category.  But we will definitely NOT do another Carnival cruise with the kids.  If they are going along, we will do Disney.  I would do another Carnival Cruise just us but on a bigger ship.  Actually, we will probably do one next year w/o the kids since my parents won a free cruise during bingo on this trip :-)






Re: Carnival Cruise w/ 2 kids

  • When we had awful service at dinner on our C cruise, we complained.  Next night, new table, new waiter, free drinks.  I would have complained and they might have adjusted for you.
  • my LO will only be 20 months when we cruise so i'm really stuck with either disney or RC, which is actually moving toward more infant options. i've been on RC and i like carnival better but carnival and the others simply don't accomodate infants/young toddler as well.

    it's the reason i haven't booked yet because i'm still trying to figure out my best option. i was on the original fascination back in the 90s but i see that they've refurbished it. congrats to your parents!!!

  • Good information we always go alone and I'm super nervous about taking the kids-would prefer to do a Disney cruise if at all possible. We have always gone Royal Carribean and last year for our anniversary everything that could go wrong did, but they were very accomodating upgraded our room, gave us free drinks-although I was pregnant and we actually got a free cruise out of it so definitely when things aren't good, it's always good to complain!!!

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