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Daycare will do cloth diapers!

I am so excited!!!!  Eli's daycare would not, and when I talked to the director at our new center a couple of months ago (we switched after he was PT) she said no.  But I was in the infant room visiting today and mentioned that we used cloth at home, and the teacher told me to bring them!  She said there was a little boy in the toddler room that used cloth and it was no big deal.  So I'm not sure if the director had a change of heart or what.  I didn't tell the teacher she told me no earlier, and I'm not going to mention the cloth to the director.  I'm just going to take her diapers in on Monday and pretend I don't know any different :)

So now I need to figure out a system.  I'm thinking I can just take in 8 diapers or so every day in a wetbag and then bring them all home at the end of the day.  Or I guess I can just bring the dirty ones home and leave any clean ones they didn't use and just replenish the next day.  I think I need to get another big wetbag though, I only have 1 big enough for that many diapers. 

I am going to take disposable wipes though.  And she did tell me they have to individually wrap poopy diapers in plastic bags before they put them in the wet bag, but that's ok. 


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Re: Daycare will do cloth diapers!

  • Wow, that's great news! I look forward to hearing how it goes. How exciting!
  • That is great! One of the little girls in Ryan's infant class uses cloth and I was excited to see that they were ok with it. One of the teachers used them years ago on her now adult kids so she was excited to use them without the pins!

    I'm friends with the mom so I can ask her what she brings in and how much of each just to give you an idea of what you will need if that will be helpful.


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  • That's fantastic!  I don't think I realized you had switched daycares. :)  I'm really excited for you! :)
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  • YAY! Great news!
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